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noflo = require "noflo"
{spawn} = require "child_process"
class ReadDocument extends noflo.Component
constructor: ->
@tika = "#{__dirname}/tika-app.jar"
@inPorts =
source: new noflo.Port()
tika: new noflo.Port()
@outPorts =
out: new noflo.Port()
error: new noflo.Port()
@inPorts.source.on "data", (data) =>
@readFile data
@inPorts.tika.on "data", (data) =>
@tika = data
readFile: (fileName) ->
tika = spawn "java", [
error = ""
tika.stdout.setEncoding "utf-8"
tika.stdout.on "data", (data) =>
@outPorts.out.send data
tika.stderr.on "data", (data) ->
error += data
tika.on "exit", (code) =>
if code > 0
@outPorts.error.send error
return @outPorts.error.disconnect()
exports.getComponent = ->
new ReadDocument
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