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# NoFlo - Flow-Based Programming for Node.js
# (c) 2011 Henri Bergius, Nemein
# NoFlo may be freely distributed under the MIT license
internalSocket = require "./InternalSocket"
component = require "./Component"
asynccomponent = require "./AsyncComponent"
port = require "./Port"
arrayport = require "./ArrayPort"
graph = require "./Graph"
# # The NoFlo network coordinator
# NoFlo networks consist of processes connected to each other
# via sockets attached from outports to inports.
# The role of the network coordinator is to take a graph and
# instantiate all the necessary processes from the designated
# components, attach sockets between them, and handle the sending
# of Initial Information Packets.
class NoFlo
processes: {}
connections: []
graph: null
startupDate: null
constructor: (graph) ->
@processes = {}
@connections = []
@graph = graph
# As most NoFlo networks are long-running processes, the
# network coordinator marks down the start-up time. This
# way we can calculate the uptime of the network.
@startupDate = new Date()
# A NoFlo graph may change after network initialization.
# For this, the network subscribes to the change events from
# the graph.
# In graph we talk about nodes and edges. Nodes correspond
# to NoFlo processes, and edges to connections between them.
@graph.on 'addNode', (node) =>
@addNode node
@graph.on 'removeNode', (node) =>
@removeNode node
@graph.on 'addEdge', (edge) =>
@addEdge edge
@graph.on 'removeEdge', (edge) =>
@removeEdge edge
# The uptime of the network is the current time minus the start-up
# time, in seconds.
uptime: -> new Date() - @startupDate
# ## Loading components
# Components can be passed to the NoFlo network in two ways:
# * As direct, instantiated JavaScript objects
# * As filenames
load: (component) ->
# Direct component instance, return as is
if typeof component is 'object'
return component
if component.substr(0, 1) is "."
component = "#{process.cwd()}#{component.substr(1)}"
implementation = require component
catch error
implementation = require "../components/#{component}"
catch localError
# Throw the original error instead
error.message = "#{localError.message} (#{error.message})"
throw error
# ## Add a process to the network
# Processes can be added to a network at either start-up time
# or later. The processes are added with a node definition object
# that includes the following properties:
# * `id`: Identifier of the process in the network. Typically a string
# * `component`: Filename or path of a NoFlo component, or a component instance object
addNode: (node) ->
# Processes are treated as singletons by their identifier. If
# we already have a process with the given ID, return that.
return if @processes[]
process =
# Load the process for the node.
if node.component
process.component = @load node.component
# Store and return the process instance
@processes[] = process
removeNode: (node) ->
return unless @processes[]
# TODO: Check for existing edges with this node
delete @processes[]
# Get process by its ID.
getNode: (id) ->
connectPort: (socket, process, port, inbound) ->
if inbound =
process: process
port: port
unless process.component.inPorts and process.component.inPorts[port]
throw new Error "No inport '#{port}' defined in process #{}"
return process.component.inPorts[port].attach socket
socket.from =
process: process
port: port
unless process.component.outPorts and process.component.outPorts[port]
throw new Error "No outport '#{port}' defined in process #{}"
process.component.outPorts[port].attach socket
addDebug: (socket) ->
logSocket = (message) ->
console.error "#{socket.getId()} #{message}"
socket.on "connect", ->
logSocket "CONN"
socket.on "begingroup", (group) ->
logSocket "< #{group}"
socket.on "disconnect", ->
logSocket "DISC"
socket.on "endgroup", (group) ->
logSocket "> #{group}"
socket.on "data", (data) ->
logSocket "DATA"
addEdge: (edge) ->
return @addInitial(edge) unless edge.from.node
socket = internalSocket.createSocket()
@addDebug socket if @debug
from = @getNode edge.from.node
unless from
throw new Error "No process defined for outbound node #{edge.from.node}"
unless from.component
throw new Error "No component defined for outbound node #{edge.from.node}"
unless from.component.isReady()
from.component.once "ready", =>
@addEdge edge
to = @getNode
unless to
throw new Error "No process defined for inbound node #{}"
unless to.component
throw new Error "No component defined for inbound node #{}"
unless to.component.isReady()
to.component.once "ready", =>
@addEdge edge
@connectPort socket, to,, true
@connectPort socket, from, edge.from.port, false
@connections.push socket
removeEdge: (edge) ->
for connection,index in @connections
if is and is[]?.detach connection
@connections.splice index, 1
if edge.from.node
if connection.from and edge.from.node is and edge.from.port is connection.from.port
connection.from.process.component.inPorts[connection.from.port].detach connection
@connections.splice index, 1
addInitial: (initializer) ->
socket = internalSocket.createSocket()
@addDebug socket if @debug
to = @getNode
unless to
throw new Error "No process defined for inbound node #{}"
unless to.component.isReady() or to.component.inPorts[]
to.component.setMaxListeners 0
to.component.once "ready", =>
@addInitial initializer
@connectPort socket, to,, true
@connections.push socket
exports.createNetwork = (graph, debug = false) ->
network = new NoFlo graph
network.debug = debug
network.addNode node for node in graph.nodes
network.addEdge edge for edge in graph.edges
network.addInitial initializer for initializer in graph.initializers
exports.loadFile = (file, success, debug = false) ->
graph.loadFile file, (net) ->
success exports.createNetwork net, debug
exports.saveFile = (graph, file, success) -> file, ->
success file
exports.Component = component.Component
exports.AsyncComponent = asynccomponent.AsyncComponent
exports.Port = port.Port
exports.ArrayPort = arrayport.ArrayPort
exports.Graph = graph.Graph
exports.graph = graph
exports.internalSocket = internalSocket
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