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Explicit consistency in components and ports case in .fbp syntax #100

DjebbZ opened this Issue August 13, 2013 · 1 comment

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Khalid Jebbari Henri Bergius
Khalid Jebbari

Yeah, it might look like un-important, but at least it is to a beginner like me.

In the noflo website, Getting Started page, libraries are all lowercased (like core and math), components are CamelCased (like Output and ReadFile), ports are uppercased (like IN and OUT). In the cli, noflo list . shows libraries lowercased (ok), components CamelCased (ok), and ports lowercased (huh?).

I suggest the cli output should match the fbp syntax (ports uppercased), and all this case stuff should be documented somewhere. What do you think ?

Jon Nordby jonnor referenced this issue from a commit in jonnor/microflo September 24, 2013
Jon Nordby Lower-case port identifiers for analog pins
NoFlo or the FBP parser normalizes the typical upper-case port
usage to lower case internally, which would not match port definitions
of form "pinA1" as we do not normalize on our side.
See also noflo/noflo#100
Henri Bergius

Agreed, it should be:

  • Node names (component instances) are CamelCased
  • Port names are UPPERCASE (like in .fbp)
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