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Windows path resolution issues in ComponentLoader #111

bergie opened this Issue · 7 comments

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It seems ComponentLoader fails to resolve component and graph paths on Windows, and so loading them doesn't work.

We should probably ensure we replace all slashes (/) with path.sep in ComponentLoader

Some related links:


As stated in Google Groups (!topic/flow-based-programming/v7Wiiyys-Ik ): I'm willing to help but unable to run the tests as cannot be installed on windows.

I'm going to try to fix the paths, but I'm not as familiar as I should be with the noflo internals and coffeescript to be sure that I got it right.

I would be very thankful if someone with more expertise could replace the the slashes as @bergie suggested. I can verify if it works on windows if someone sends a PR.


@p0wl ok, just comment out the phantomjs dependency on package.json and the


We should note that this includes other subtle path issues, like #122


Doesn't seem to be a problem any longer. I just verified by running tests of a rather large NoFlo app on Node.js/Win8

@bergie bergie closed this

FYI: If you need Windows based node.js CI testing there is now, it is very similar to Travis-CI except it is focussed on Microsoft platforms (but with node and github and a nice .yml setup etc).


@Bartvds thanks! Added


Seems path resolution is fine: these tests actually run a graph that depends on components from other libraries

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