0.2.0 (NPM component registration)

@bergie bergie released this Jul 5, 2013 · 1495 commits to master since this release

The main change in 0.2 series was component packaging support and the fact that most component with external dependencies were moved to their own NPM packages:

To use the components, install the corresponding NPM package and change the component's name in your graph to include the package namespace. For example, yaml/ParseYaml for the ParseYaml component in the noflo-yaml package

User interface:

  • The noflo command-line tool now has a new list command for listing components available for a given directory, for example: $ noflo list .

NoFlo internals:

  • New ComponentLoader to support loading components and subgraphs to installed NPM modules
  • NoFlo's own codebase was moved to direct requires making the NPM installation simpler
  • daemon dependency was removed from NoFlo's command-line tools

Changes to core components:

  • Merge only disconnects once all of its inports have disconnected
  • Concat only disconnects once all of its inports have disconnected
  • CompileString's in port is now an ArrayPort
  • GroupByObjectKey also supports boolean values for the matched keys
  • ReadDir disconnects after reading a directory

New core components:

  • Drop allows explicitly dropping packets in a graph. The component performs no operations on the data it receives