@bergie bergie released this Jul 31, 2013 · 1513 commits to master since this release

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Browser support:

  • The NoFlo engine has been made available client-side via the Component system
  • New BDD tests written with Mocha that can be run on both browser and server
  • Custom download builder at http://noflojs.org/download/

Changes to components:

Development tools:

  • Grunt scaffold for easily creating NoFlo component packages including cross-platform test automation

File format support:

  • NoFlo's internal FBP parser was removed in favor of the fbp package
  • The display property of nodes in the JSON format was removed in favor of the more flexible metadata object


  • Support for renaming nodes in a NoFlo graph via the renameNode method
  • Adding IIPs to a graph will now emit a addInitial event instead of an addEdge event
  • Graph's removeEdge method allows specifying both ends of the connection to prevent ambiguity
  • IIPs can now be removed using the removeInitial method, which fires a removeInitial event instead of removeEdge
  • NoFlo Networks now support delayed starting
  • The isBrowser method on the main NoFlo interface tells whether NoFlo is running under browser or Node.js
  • Support for running under Node.js on Windows