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0.4.3 (custom component loaders and component icon support)

@bergie bergie released this · 534 commits to master since this release

  • ArrayPorts with attached sockets now return true for isAttached checks. There is a separate canAttach method for checking whether more can be added
  • Icon support was added for both libraries and components using the set from Font Awesome
    • For libraries, register via the noflo.icon key in your package.json (Node.js libraries) or component.json (browser libraries)
    • For components, provide via the icon attribute
  • Subgraphs now support closing their internal NoFlo network via the shutdown method
  • Component Loader is able to load arbitrary graphs outside of the normal package manifest registration via the loadGraph method
  • Component Loader of the main NoFlo network is now carried across subgraphs instead of instantiating locally
  • Libraries can provide a custom loader for their components by registering a noflo.loader key in the manifest pointing to a CommonJS module
  • Exported ports can now contain metadata
  • It is possible to create named groups of nodes in a NoFlo graph, which can be useful for visual editors
  • Components have an error helper method for sending errors to the error outport, or throwing them if that isn't attached


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