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Digest CRC


Adds support for calculating Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) to the Digest module.


  • Provides support for the following CRC algorithms:
    • CRC5
    • CRC8
    • CRC16
    • CRC16 CCITT
    • CRC16 DNP
    • CRC16 Modbus
    • CRC16 USB
    • CRC16 XModem
    • CRC16 ZModem
    • CRC24
    • CRC32
    • CRC32 Mpeg
    • CRC64
  • Pure Ruby implementation.
  • Provides CRC Tables for optimized calculations.


$ sudo gem install digest-crc


Special thanks go out to the pycrc library which is able to generate C source-code for all of the CRC algorithms, including their CRC Tables.


See {file:LICENSE.txt} for license information.