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Sep 12, 2007

  1. some corrections

    gvellut authored

Oct 26, 2006

  1. Saving the rakefile

    gvellut authored

Jul 22, 2006

  1. - Removed the Tools from the gem and put them in a separately downloa…

    …dable zip file
    - Changed the Yahoo App ID
    gvellut authored

Jul 08, 2006

  1. - Updated the tests (confilct between Yahoo! Geocoding and Google Geo…

    gvellut authored

Jun 30, 2006

  1. - Addition of a GeoRssOverlay class

    - Addition of a method to manage multiple keys with the same config.yml
    - Updates to the documentation
    gvellut authored

Jun 28, 2006

  1. Addition of support for clusterer

    gvellut authored

Jun 18, 2006

  1. Addition of documentation in the README file.

    gvellut authored

Jun 17, 2006

  1. Committing the Google geocoding code.

    Adding the MarkerGroup JavaScript class. Plus Modification of the overlay.rb file to add support for it from YM4R.
    Addition of a overlay_global_init method to initialize overlays (especially marker groups) globally.
    gvellut authored

Jun 11, 2006

  1. Addition of a local image tiler and wms tiler.

    New methods in the GMap class to add easily a new layer (either pretiled or from a WMS).
    gvellut authored

Jun 04, 2006

  1. Addition of comments.

    Addition of an overlay_init to easily add overlays at initialization time.
    Modification of the output of method_missing of the MappingObject module to enable expressions such as @map.add_overlay(, where add_overlay and get_center are both unknown methods. The method_missing method now outputs an object of class Variable. A to_s method has been added to the Variable class to transform it to a string (trailed with a ; and \n).
    gvellut authored
  2. Addition of comments in the code.

    Addition of details to the README file.
    gvellut authored

Jun 02, 2006

  1. - Addition of some documentation

    - Modification of the README file to reflect the recent changes
    - Correction of a bug in the support of icons
    gvellut authored

May 25, 2006

  1. Prepared the code for release as gem (addition of comments and exampl…

    …es in the README file)
    gvellut authored

May 23, 2006

  1. Initial import, with the code supporting the Yahoo! Maps Building Blo…

    …c API's.
    gvellut authored
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