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nogago Open source Code Base

This is the code base for the open source Outdoor apps for Android published by nogago GmbH and developed since 2009. This is mature code, used by thousands of users for many years. Currently, only occassional updates are made to accomodate new Android versions, where Google just loves to break things that have worked fine for ages.

You can download and try the apps from the Google Play store:

  • nogago Maps provides global offline maps, with voice-guided navigation, routing optimized for hiking and biking (preference of official marked hiking and biking trails and routes through woods and meadows instead of roads travelled by car, avoiding motorways altogether), navigation of GPX tracks, fine-grained search of points-of-interests as well as places and streets

  • nogago Tracks provides a general-purpose activity tracker, sharing of recorded tracks via or as a GPX file, voice-output, marking of waypoints and more

We cordially invite contributors. You can find the source code in the folders ababove:

Contact us to get setup instructions.

Ah yes, the apps have been forked from OSMAND and Google My Tracks in 2011/2012 and went down their own path since then.

Learn more about the apps and services provided by nogago!


nogago Tracks and nogago Maps Open source Code Base




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