very simple test suite that helps when creating an XML schema
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xml testsuite

This is a tiny utility that helps running several XML schema files against a bunch 
of XML files. While developing a XML schema I missed a comparable experience to
software development where I can just write some tests and run them while evolving

The approach is really simple. There are three information bits that are needed to
do a single run:

1 a XML file to be tested
2 a XML schema that is used to test
3 a status flag if the test should pass or fail

So we are creating a XML file (1) and encode the schema (2) and the test status (3) in 
the filename. To ease this a configuration file for schemas has to be created


The file has a simple structure and assigns a XML schema file to a pattern.


Every file name that matches "simple" will be assigned to "simple.xsd" to test. Second
the label "invalid" marks a file as deliberately wrong which means it is supposed to 
fail. A filename of


passes the test if the validation with the schema in simple.xsd throws an error

how to use

Just invoke

./ examples/simple*

and you'll see

OK   examples/simple-example-invalid.xml
OK   examples/simple-example.xml

The script looks for the schema-config file in the current working directory. This way
a schema-config can be created on purpose. All files to test are given via commandline.
Errors are reported immediately. If you invoke

./ examples/*

then you get

examples/bogus-example.xml does not match a schema. ignoring...
FAIL examples/bogus-simple-example.xml
examples/bogus-simple-example.xml:1: element simple: Schemas validity error : Element '{urn:simple:example}simple': Missing child element(s). Expected is ( {urn:simple:example}simplekid ). examples/bogus-simple-example.xml fails to validate
OK   examples/simple-example-invalid.xml
OK   examples/simple-example.xml

The file bogus-example.xml does not match any schema configuration so it is reported. The next
file bogus-simple-example.xml does not behave as expected so the test fails and the error is
printed below it. This way it works quite well to create test files and fix the bugs.

Mac OS X

The script uses a bash version > 4.0. Mac OS X ships with bash 3.x so the script won't work out
of the box. If you have macports or homebrew just install the new bash and make sure it is either
in your PATH or in the script

Author: Norbert Hartl <>
License is MIT