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imgkap 1.16

Tool to manipuate raster nautical charts in KAP format

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This repository is a Github clone of the original code created by M'dJ in 2011 and maintained by Pavel Kalian


imgkap [option] [inputfile] [lat0 lon0 [x0;y0] lat1 lon1 [x1;y1] | headerfile] [outputfile]

Usage of imgkap Version 1.16 by M'dJ + H.N

Convert kap to img :
  >imgkap mykap.kap myimg.png
    -convert mykap into myimg.png
  >imgkap mykap.kap mheader.kap myimg.png
    -convert mykap into header myheader (only text file) and myimg.png

Convert img to kap :
  >imgkap myimg.png myheaderkap.kap
    -convert myimg.png into myresult.kap using myheader.kap for kap informations
  >imgkap mykap.png lat0 lon0 lat1 lon1 myresult.kap
    -convert myimg.png into myresult.kap using WGS84 positioning
  >imgkap mykap.png lat0 lon0 x0;y0 lat1 lon1 x1;y1 myresult.kap
    -convert myimg.png into myresult.kap
  >imgkap -s 'LOWEST LOW WATER' myimg.png lat0 lon0 lat1 lon2 -f
    -convert myimg.png into myimg.kap using WGS84 positioning and options

Convert kml to kap :
  >imgkap mykml.kml
    -convert GroundOverlay mykml file into kap file using name and dir of image
  >imgkap mykml.kml mykap.kap
    -convert GroundOverlay mykml into mykap file

WGS84 positioning :
	lat0 lon0 is a left or right,top point
	lat1 lon1 is a right or left,bottom point cater-cornered to lat0 lon0
	lat to be between -85 and +85 degree
	lon to be between -180 and +180 degree
	    different formats are accepted : -1.22  1°10'20.123N  -1d22.123 ...
	x;y pixel points can be used if lat lon defines not the image edges.
	    lat0 lon0 x0;y0 must be in the left or right, upper third
	    lat1 lon1 x1;y1 must be in the right or left, lower third
Options :
	-w  : no image size extension to WGS84 because image is already WGS84
	-r x0f;y0f-x1f;y1f  "2 pixel points -> 4 * PLY"
	    : define a rectangle area in the image visible from the .kap
	-r x0f;y0f-x1f;y1f-x2f;y2f-x3f;y3f... "3 to 12 pixel points -> PLY"
	    : define a up to 12 edges polygon visible from the .kap
	-n  : Force compatibility all KAP software, max 127 colors
	-c  : reduce colors of image to 127 colors / for test purposes only
	-f  : fix units to FATHOMS
	-e  : fix units to FEET
	-s name : fix sounding datum
	-t title : change name of map
	-j projection : change projection of map (Default: MERCATOR)
	-d datum : change geographic datum of map (Default: WGS84)
	-l scale : Override the calculated scale, 1:<SCALE> (Default: automatically calculated from the image size and geographic extent)
	-p color : color of map
	   color (Kap to image) : ALL|RGB|DAY|DSK|NGT|NGR|GRY|PRC|PRG
	     ALL generate multipage image, use only with GIF or TIF
	   color (image or Kap to Kap) :  NONE|KAP|MAP|IMG
	     NONE use colors in image file, default
	     KAP only width KAP or header file, use RGB tag in KAP file
	     MAP generate DSK and NGB colors for map scan
	       < 64 colors: Black -> Gray, White -> Black
	     IMG generate DSK and NGB colors for image (photo, satellite...)