A set of arduino libraries for easily handling components
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A set of Arduino libraries for easily components handling


The idea of this project is to centralize several submodules I am working with, that lets any developer to deal with some electronic components (Arduino compatible) in a higher level manner. So, for example, instead of being thinking of "sending a HIGH to a digital output", a developer should think of:

  1. Create an instance of a particular component LED led = LED(ledPin);
  2. Lights on: led.on();

By thinking the components helpers as instanceable classes, then the components are variables that can be passed as parameters in methods, allowing the developers to write smart code for building their projects.

Take a look at each submodule documentation for a quick start.


By creating an Open Source project, and putting some basic examples, I'm intending to get other helpers by contributors and put these all together within this project.