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UPDATE: An extended solution is now available as part of Ext JS 4.2; the code is still relevant for Ext JS 4.1 applications.

This set of pseudo-classes (overrides) is aimed at solving two major problems with current Ext JS MVC implementation: tight coupling of Application and Controller classes, and absence of default coupling mechanism for Controllers.

First problem stems from Ext.app.Controller class being dependent on Ext.app.Application to perform some very important tasks it should do, and generally failing with errors unless Ext.app.Application is instantiated too. Application, in turn, tried to load all Controllers, Models, Stores and Views it is configured with, making it downright impossible to unit-test Controller code.

Second problem is very actual for larger applications: now that you have several Controllers managing their Views, how do you interoperate between Controllers? Ext.ux.app.Controller adds event handling to Controller classes, making it possible to use control() method to listen on other Controllers' events, thus enabling loose coupling without much effort and overhead.

Tested with:

  • MSIE 6+
  • Chrome 6+
  • Firefox 3.6+
  • Opera 11
  • Safari 4+

This extension is released under GPL 3.0 license.

Commercial use is permitted to the extent that the code/component(s) do NOT become part of another Open Source or Commercially licensed development library or toolkit without explicit permission.

Copyright (c) 2011-2012 by Alexander Tokarev, nohuhu@nohuhu.org. Special thanks to IntelliSurvey Inc for sponsoring my work on this code.