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Octocat-spinner-32 v3.6.8beta April 17, 2014
Octocat-spinner-32 gReader_beta.apk v3.6.8beta April 17, 2014


Beta version is always updated with the same download link. If you encounter any issue please let us know. Log file is always helpful (Menu->Feedback->Send log).

Download If you get parse error while installing the apk try the above download link.

v3.6.8 beta

  • New: Create shortcut for subscription/tag

v3.6.7 beta

  • Fixed: Chinese language issue
  • Fixed: Offline encoding issue
  • Fixed: Image fit issue

v3.6.6 beta

  • Fixed: Podcast player issue
  • Fixed: Small bug fixes

v3.6.5 beta

  • Fixed: Read aloud issue
  • Improved: Action buttons in notification for Voice Reading
  • Improved: Action buttons in notification for Podcast

v3.6.4 beta

  • Improved: Videos on webview
  • Fixed: Language issues
  • Fixed: Offline issue

v3.6.3 beta

  • Improved: New option for TTS: Read title, Mark read
  • Fixed: The Old Reader login issue
  • Fixed: Twitter sharing
  • Fixed: Widget issue

v3.6.2 beta

  • Added: Widget 4x1
  • Added: New options for Tasker plugin: Download offline for unread items, read aloud
  • Added: Import OPML for RSS Reader
  • Improved: Offline reading simplified
  • Fixed: Mark as read for filter
  • Fixed: Widget issues

v3.6.1 beta

  • Improved: Show summary option for ticker widget
  • Fixed: Offline reading issue
  • Fixed: Widget issues

v3.5.7 beta

  • New: Use gReader as a RSS Reader without a service (data are saved locally)
  • New: Article font size, font type, text alignment (Article View: Menu->Fonts)
  • Improved: Widgets (Pro): Support background color and opacity, text size, new layout (
  • Improved: Text wrapping on KitKat
  • Improved: Time format same as system setting
  • Fixed: Login issue on Feedly
  • Fixed: Thumbnail on large widget
  • Fixed: Pocket login issue

v3.5.6 beta

  • New: HTTPS support
  • Improved: Load websites faster
  • Improved: Preference backup includes Search filters
  • Changed: Item list loads 50 items instead of 100 because of performance reason.
  • Fixed: Login issue on Android < 2.3
  • Fixed: Send to Pocket
  • Fixed: Add subscription in The Old Reader
  • Fixed: Article timestamp
  • Fixed: Apply changes immediately
  • Fixed: Video podcast sync
  • Fixed: Search view text color
  • Fixed: Save article position
  • Fixed: Find subscription from url

v3.5.4 beta

  • Improved: Performance
  • Fixed: The Old Reader sync
  • Fixed: Share with Twitter
  • Fixed: Manage sources issue
  • Fixed: RTL bold text

v3.5.3 beta

  • Fixed: Synchronization issue
  • Fixed: Crashes in Clear Cache

v3.5.2 beta

  • Improved: Support RTL (You need to clear cache Menu->Clear Cache and sync again)

v3.5.1 beta

  • Improved: Option for loading Youtuve video
  • Fixed: Share to Facebook
  • Fixed: Bug fixes for last updated

v3.4.3 beta

  • New: Youtube player
  • New: User Agent per subscription
  • Improved: Feedly image integration
  • Improved: User interface
  • Fixed: Share to Twitter
  • Fixed: Article time issue

v3.4.2 beta

  • New: Theme Sepia
  • Fixed: Feedly login issue on pre-Honeycomp devices
  • Fixed: The Old Reader synchronization
  • Fixed: Image loading
  • Fixed: Voice reading

v3.4.1 beta

  • Fixed: Tablet issues
  • Fixed: Offline encoding issue

v3.3.9 beta

  • Fixed: Cache feed images
  • Fixed: List seperator
  • Fixed: Force closes

v3.3.8 beta

  • Added: Rename tag (Feedly)
  • Improved: Synchronization (Feedly, The Old Reader)
  • Fixed: Youtube video pages
  • Fixed: Excluded streams issue
  • Fixed: Read items not saved after system closes app
  • Fixed: TTS with special characters
  • Fixed: Progress bar in article view
  • Fixed: Small bugs

v3.3.7 beta

  • Fixed: Black screen
  • Fixed: Tagged items (Feedly)
  • Fixed: Starred items (Feedly)

v3.3.6 beta

  • Added: Configurable Double tap for article view (Settings->Look and Feel->Double Tap)
  • Fixed: High data consumption (gzip compression)
  • Fixed: Offline reading issue
  • Fixed: Force closes

v3.3.5 beta

  • Added: Readability mobilizer
  • Added: Double tab on item view open readability
  • Fixed: Find subscriptions issue
  • Fixed: Offline cache issue

v3.3.4 beta

  • Added: The Old Reader support
  • Fixed: Add a subscription issue

v3.3.3 beta

  • Fixed: Synchronization issue
  • Fixed: Offline content issue
  • Fixed: Podcast issue
  • Fixed: Truncated contents
  • Fixed: Google News feeds

v3.3.2 beta

  • Fixed: Retrieving article snippet issue

v3.3.1 beta

  • Fixed: Crashes on pre-honeycomb devices

v3.2.2 beta

  • Added: Hide article list pane (Settings->Look and Feel->Hide article list)
  • Added: Show feed list after marking all as read (Settings->Reading Preferences->Show feeds after Mark all as read)
  • Fixed: Crashes

v3.2.1 beta

  • Changed: App icon
  • Added: Disable dual pane on landscape for phone ui
  • Fixed: Crashes on tablet
  • Fixed: Send to Instapaper

v3.2.0 beta

  • New: Holo UI
  • New: DashClock extension
  • New: Left to Right gesture on article view to go back to item list, Top to Down open article link. (Settings – Look and Feel – Navigation gestures)
  • Fix: 2-way synchronization
  • Fix: Duplicated articles
  • Fix: Bug fixes

v3.1.2 beta

  • Fixed: Languages not found on Android 4.1

v3.1.2 beta

  • Added: Set default app for sharing items
  • Web Clipper: Use EverClip to clip content to Evernote
  • Improved: Support .m4a

v3.1.0 beta

  • Added: Falcon Pro support
  • Improved: Icon indicates downloaded podcast
  • Improved: Read aloud unread items for folder/tag/subscription
  • Fixed: Image loading issue
  • Fixed: Confirmation on Mark all as read
  • Fixed: Download podcast
  • Fixed: Voice-Reading issue

v3.0.8 beta

  • Fixed: Swipe action animation on Jelly Bean
  • Changed: Search filter supports operators: | – or, “&” – and ! – not
  • Changed: Endless scroll for article list, limit of 250 items removed
  • Changed: Commenting on articles can be disabled
  • Changed: Pinch zoom can be disabled
  • Added: Offline reading for all unread items: Settings->Offline Reading->Item limit->All unread items
  • Added: Thumbnails on widget
  • Added: Lockscreen widget support for Android 4.2
  • Added: MultiWindow support for Galaxy Note
  • Improved: User Interface
  • Improved: Text-To-Speech (Playlist, Play in background, UI)

v3.0.5 beta

  • Improved: Offline synchronization
  • Improved: Auto cleanup cache
  • Fixed: Notification sound issue
  • Fixed: Reading mode issue
  • Fixed: Offline content issue

v3.0.3 beta

  • Improved: Reading mode failure => Reload page automatically
  • Fixed: Thumbnail issue
  • Fixed: Youtube issue
  • Fixed: LED Notification issue
  • Fixed: Occasional force closes

v3.0.2 beta

  • Improved: Performance, Reduce memory usage
  • Fixed: Occasional crashes
  • Fixed: Podcast issue
  • Fixed: Issue on Disable swiping navigation
  • Fixed: Status sync issue on tablet

v3.0.1 beta

  • Fix: Problem with Mark All as Read

v2.9.8 beta

  • New: Adopt the sort order of folders from Google Reader (Menu->Manage sources->Menu->Google Order)
  • Change: List font size does not apply for subscription list anymore
  • Fix: Offline reading issues

v2.9.7 beta

  • Fix: Offline reading issues
  • Fix: Subscribe feed issue
  • Improve: List font size for subscription and article list

v2.9.3 beta

  • New: Pinch zoom for Android >= Honeycomb
  • Change: Remove zoom button on tablet
  • Change: auto hide article controls in article view on tablet
  • Fix: Offline reading issues
  • Improve: Auto clean offline cache
  • Improve: Sync speed, performance

v2.9.2 beta

  • Fix: Save setting for hide item list on tablet
  • Fix: Read items become unread again
  • Fix: Rich list setting is not saved
  • Fix: Small UI issue

v2.9.0 beta

  • New: Commenting on articles with Disqus
  • New: Use phone UI on portrait for tablet
  • New: Download offline contents for unread items (Long press on sync button)
  • Change: Offline sync only for unread items
  • Change: Mark read on scroll pref now in item list menu
  • Fix: Login size on 7′ tablet
  • Fix: FC issues
  • Improve: increase performance, reduce memory

v2.8.9 beta

  • Fix: Jelly Bean issue
  • Fix: Backup issue
  • Fix: Force closes on article view

v2.8.7 beta

  • New: Backup/Restore preferences
  • Improve: Volume key button
  • Improve: Performace
  • Fix: Resume download after error
  • Fix: Custom notification sound
  • Small fixes

v2.8.5 beta

  • Fix: tablet rotation issue
  • Fix: Schedule on boot issue
  • Icon button: click: return to prev. view, long click: return to home
  • Small UI changes
  • Improved performance
  • Improved offline sync
  • Fix offline images

v2.8.4 beta

  • New: Mark read on scroll (Settings->Look and Feel->Mark read on scroll)
  • New: changeable language
  • Improved: sync performance
  • Fix: What’s new view issue
  • Fix: Offline images issues
  • Fix: disappearing starred, cached items
  • Fix: TTS issue
  • Bug fixes: small issues

v2.8.3 beta

  • Twitter: supported Twitter apps: official Twitter, Plume, TweetDeck, TweetCaster, TwitDroyd
  • Google+: supported Google+ apps: official Google+
  • Bug fixes: screen rotation issue, downloading offline content issue, minor issues

v2.8.2 beta

  • Services: added Twitter (still need a twitter app)
  • Fix: Inverse page
  • Fix: Crashes on Manage Source
  • Fix: Widget issue

v2.7.1 beta

  • Menu Button: for device without Menu button
  • Search filter: save a search for a location: Go to the location (folder/tag/feed) where you want to save a search. Type the query in the search box and a “Save filter” button will display. Click on the button to create the search filter.
  • Search: AND (space), OR supported
  • Quick actions: Send to Facebook, Readability, Pocket, Instapaper
  • Theme: added Dark + Black theme
  • Performance: better performance for large number of items
  • Bug fixes: TextToSpeech issue

v2.7.0 beta

  • Enlarge click area for quick actions
  • Swipe actions enabled
  • Bug fixes: force closes on portrait view for tablet

v2.6.9 beta

  • Fix offline reading issue

v2.6.8 beta

  • Replace swipe action: Due to stability issue swipe actions are replaced by normal buttons

v2.6.7 beta

  • Improved stability and performance
  • UI: Improved tablet ui
  • Option for disabling swipe actions
  • Keep unread: Mark All As Read does not affect Keep unread
  • Synchronization: Fixed schedule sync on reboot, added permission RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED

v2.6.6 beta

  • Text-To-Speech (PRO): in article view -> Menu -> Read
  • Swiping: added animation to swiping list items
  • Clear duplicates: Menu->Clear Cache
  • Night mode: Menu->Night mode/Day mode
  • OAuth: Fixed OAUTH login issue (you might need to login again)
  • Keep unread: remove keep unread after staring/saving
  • Bug fixes: fixed restarting app in background issue, volume key issue, mediaplayer issue

v2.6.5 beta

  • added Readability service
  • performance: reduce CPU usage
  • image cache: added auto clean up
  • fixed subscribe issue
  • large widget: feed names only appear for folders/tags

v2.6.3 beta

  • improved performance
  • per feed settings: auto reading mode, load link format
  • updated translation
  • share feed url (Long press on a feed -> Share)
  • fixed widget large (scrollable) on Honeycomb/ICS
  • fixed displaying title in Hebrew issue
  • fixed volume button for article list
  • fixed podcast download issue

v2.5.7 beta

  • rearrange feed/folder order (Menu->Manage Sources)
  • volume keys scroll item list (and mark as read)
  • improve offline caching speed
  • added item sort by subscription
  • option for enabling Hardware acceleration in Settings->Look and Feel
  • browser button in article view open the current link
  • improved ui (Back button to Article view, back button on tablet)
  • added dark theme
  • fixed simplified cache zoom (articles should be cached again)
  • fixed widget with starred folder
  • fixed Media player issue *fixed redering issue
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