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(ns noir.util.middleware
(:use [noir.request :only [*request*]]
[noir.response :only [redirect]]
[compojure.core :only [routes]]
[ring.middleware.defaults :refer [site-defaults wrap-defaults]]
[hiccup.middleware :only [wrap-base-url]]
[noir.validation :only [wrap-noir-validation]]
[noir.cookies :only [wrap-noir-cookies]]
[noir.session :only [clear! mem wrap-noir-session wrap-noir-flash]]
[ring.middleware.session.memory :only [memory-store]]
[ring.middleware.format :refer [wrap-restful-format]])
(:require [clojure.string :as s])
(:import java.util.Date))
(defn wrap-if [handler pred wrapper & args]
(if pred
(apply wrapper handler args)
(defn wrap-rewrites
"Rewrites should be [regex replacement] pairs. The first regex that matches the request's URI will
have the corresponding (global) replacement performed before calling the wrapped handler."
[handler & rewrites]
(if-not (even? (count rewrites))
(throw (ex-info "must have an even number of rewrites: " {:rewrites rewrites})))
(let [rules (partition 2 rewrites)]
(fn [req]
(handler (update-in req [:uri]
(fn [uri]
(or (first (keep (fn [[pattern replacement]]
(when (re-find pattern uri)
(s/replace uri pattern replacement)))
(defn wrap-request-map [handler]
(fn [req]
(binding [*request* req]
(handler req))))
(defn wrap-canonical-host
"If the request is not targeting host canonical, redirect the
request to that host."
[app canonical]
(fn [req]
(let [headers (:headers req)]
(when canonical
(if (= (headers "host") canonical)
(app req)
(redirect (str (name (:scheme req)) "://" canonical (:uri req))
(defn wrap-force-ssl
"If the request's scheme is not https, redirect with https.
Also checks the X-Forwarded-Proto header."
(fn [req]
(let [headers (:headers req)]
(if (or (= :https (:scheme req))
(= "https" (headers "x-forwarded-proto")))
(app req)
(redirect (str "https://" (headers "host") (:uri req)) :permanent)))))
(defn wrap-strip-trailing-slash
"If the requested url has a trailing slash, remove it."
(fn [request]
(handler (update-in request [:uri] s/replace #"(?<=.)/$" ""))))
(defn wrap-access-rules
"wraps the handler with the supplied access rules.
Use the noir.util.route/restricted macro to wrap any routes
that you wish the access rules to apply to, eg:
(GET \"/user/profile\" [] (restricted \"this route is private\"))
Each rule accepts the request and returns a boolean indicating whether it
passed or not, eg:
(defn user-access [req]
(session/get :user))
(wrap-access-rules handler [user-access])
Each rule can either be a function or a map. When a rule is a function, then
it redirects to \"/\" and will be checked for each restricted route.
When specifying rules as a map you can provide further directives using the
following keys:
:uri - the URI pattern to which the rules apply (optional, defaults to any URI)
:uris - alternative to :uri, allows specifying a collection of URIs (optional)
:redirect - the redirect target for the rules (optional defaults to \"/\")
:on-fail - alternative to redirect, allows specifying a handler function for
handling the failure, the function must accept the request as a
parameter (optional)
:rule - a single rule (either :rule or :rules is required)
:rules - alternative to rule, allows specifying a list of rules
The :rules can be specified in any of the following ways:
:rules [rule1 rule2]
:rules {:any [rule1 rule2]}
:rules {:every [rule1 rule2] :any [rule3 rule4]}
By default every rule has to pass, the :any key specifies that it's sufficient for
any of the rules to pass.
(defn admin-access [req]
(session/get :admin))
(wrap-access-rules handler [{:redirect \"/access-denied\"
:rule user-access}])
(wrap-access-rules handler [{:uri \"/user/*\" :rule user-access}])
(wrap-access-rules handler [{:uri \"/admin/*\" :rule admin-access}
{:uri \"/user/*\"
:rules {:any [user-access admin-access]}])
(wrap-access-rules handler [{:on-fail (fn [req] \"access restricted\")
:rule user-access}])
[handler rules]
(if (empty? rules)
(let [{mapped-rules true
unmapped-rules false} (group-by map? rules)]
(fn [req]
(assoc req :access-rules
(if (not-empty unmapped-rules)
(conj mapped-rules {:redirect "/" :rules unmapped-rules})
(defn- wrap-middleware [routes [wrapper & more]]
(if wrapper (recur (wrapper routes) more) routes))
(defn app-handler
"creates the handler for the application and wraps it in base middleware:
- wrap-request-map
- site-defaults
- wrap-multipart-params
- wrap-noir-validation
- wrap-noir-cookies
- wrap-noir-flash
- wrap-noir-session
:base-url - optional key to set the base URL for Hiccup templates
:session-options - deprecated: use :session key in :ring-defaults instead
optional map specifying Ring session parameters, eg: {:cookie-attrs {:max-age 1000}}
:store - deprecated: use sesion-options instead!
:multipart - an optional map of multipart-params middleware options
:middleware - a vector of any custom middleware wrappers you wish to supply
:ring-defaults - pass in optional map for initializing ring-defaults, uses site-defaults if none passed
for more details
:formats - optional vector containing formats that should be serialized and
deserialized, eg:
:formats [:json-kw :transit-json :edn]
available formats:
:json - JSON with string keys in :params and :body-params
:json-kw - JSON with keywordized keys in :params and :body-params
:yaml - YAML format
:yaml-kw - YAML format with keywordized keys in :params and :body-params
:edn - Clojure format
:yaml-in-html - yaml in a html page (useful for browser debugging)
:transit-json Transit over JSON format
:transit-msgpack Transit over Msgpack format
:access-rules - a vector of access rules you wish to supply,
each rule should a function or a rule map as specified in wrap-access-rules, eg:
:access-rules [rule1
{:redirect \"/unauthorized1\"
:rules [rule3 rule4]}]"
[app-routes & {:keys [base-url session-options store multipart middleware access-rules formats ring-defaults]}]
(letfn [(wrap-middleware-format [handler]
(if formats (wrap-restful-format handler :formats formats) handler))]
(-> (apply routes app-routes)
(wrap-middleware middleware)
(wrap-defaults (dissoc (or ring-defaults site-defaults) :session))
(wrap-base-url base-url)
(wrap-access-rules access-rules)
(or session-options (:session ring-defaults) (:session site-defaults))
[:store] #(or % (memory-store mem)))))))
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