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Updated README for Leiningen 2

More and more people use Leiningen 2 (which is no the default) so it would be good to provide instructions for it as well.
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## Usage
-The best way to get started with noir is by downloading the lein noir plugin for [leiningen](
+The best way to get started with noir is with the [leiningen]( noir plugin.
+For Leiningen 1 run:
lein plugin install lein-noir 1.2.1
lein noir new my-website
+For Leiningen 2 run instead (you may also [specify the lein-noir version to use in profiles.clj](
+lein new noir my-website
+Then continue:
cd my-website
lein run
If you want to include Noir in an already created leiningen project, simply add this to your dependencies:

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