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Failing unit tests #16

johnwoltman opened this Issue · 4 comments

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J Woltman Axel Haustant
J Woltman

When I use django's ./manage test, there are many failed unit tests coming from django.js. I'm using Django 1.4.5 with psycopg2. Here is a typical example:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/woltman/projects/ve/compass/lib/python2.7/site-packages/django      /test/", line 211, in inner
    return test_func(*args, **kwargs)
File "/home/woltman/projects/ve/compass/lib/python2.7/site-packages/djangojs/tests/", line 134, in test_urls_namespaces_whitelist
self.assertIn('ns1:fake', self.result)
AssertionError: 'ns1:fake' not found in {u'grp_doc_filter': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/filter/', u'grp_doc_mueller_grid_system_layouts': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/mueller-grid-system-layouts/', u'grp_doc_groups': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/groups/', u'grp_doc_basic_page_structure': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/basic-page-structure/', u'grp_doc_modules': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/modules/', u'js_catalog': u'/djangojs/translation', u'grp_m2m_lookup': u'/grappelli/lookup/m2m/', u'selectable-lookup': u'/selectable/<lookup_name>/', u'grp_doc_admin_index': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/admin-index/', u'grp_doc_submit_rows': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/submit-rows/', u'grp_related_lookup': u'/grappelli/lookup/related/', u'grp_doc_errors': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/errors/', u'grp_autocomplete_lookup': u'/grappelli/lookup/autocomplete/', u'grp_doc_change_list': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/change-list/', u'grp_doc_navigation': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/navigation/', u'grp_doc_pagination': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/pagination/', u'django_js_urls': u'/djangojs/urls', u'grp_doc_mueller_grid_system_tests': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/mueller-grid-system-tests/', u'grp_doc_change_form': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/change-form/', u'grp_doc_mueller_grid_system': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/mueller-grid-system/', u'grp_doc_context_navigation': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/context-navigation/', u'grp_doc_form_fields': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/form-fields/', u'grp_doc_object_tools': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/object-tools/', u'grp_doc_tables': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/tables/', u'django_js_context': u'/djangojs/context', u'grp_doc': u'/grappelli/grp-doc', u'grp_doc_tools': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/tools/', u'grp_doc_fieldsets': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/fieldsets/', u'grp_doc_date_hierarchy': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/date-hierarchy/', u'django_js_init': u'/djangojs/init.js', u'grp_doc_search_form': u'/grappelli/grp-doc/search-form/'}

What should I do to get these tests passing?

Axel Haustant

Are you running the tests from you project or the django.js repository ?

I can see on the AssertionError line that the URLs are not the Django.js tests URLs.

J Woltman

My project. I'm wondering what is going on in the tests that cause them to fail when the Grappelli admin app is loaded. When I update 3rd party Django apps like Grappelli I run ./manage test to make sure everything is still working. I recently added DjangoJS to my project and now the tests fail.

Axel Haustant

I can reproduce it.

I will try to fix it ASAP.

Axel Haustant

Fixed by b80491c, 3dc749d and acc00ee

Will be released in 0.7.2

Axel Haustant noirbizarre was assigned
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