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bmcorser commented Jul 5, 2013

I can't use regexps such as (?P<var_name>\d+(,d+)*)/ in my URLconfs, because the nested parens mess up the regexp used by Django.js to match kwargy URLconfs.

The solution looks a bit tricky, might be something more than just a regexp to figure out what is happening in the rexexp for the URLconf.

A cursory Google yielded don't know if this package is useful.


I must admin Django.js was design to handle simple Regexes.

The main problem is that JavaScript native regex support is really poor.
The consequence, I can't simply serialize regexps to handle them client side.

I was thinking in using something like XRegExp but I choose not to introduce javascript dependencies, except for jQuery, which is commonly used.

I will see what I can do to fix that.


About pyparsing, I don't want to introduce such a dependency.
It will produce a too big server-side perfomance overhead.
This is why I prefer to look into simplfying serialization to handle regexp client side with a real regex parser.


I pushed a little workaround for your case.
If you write your regex like this (?P<var_name>\d+(?:,\d+)*)/ it will work.

I already remove non-capturing optionnal groups and characters.
With this push, I treat non-capturing starred groups and starred characters as optionnals (and they are, so I improved the algorithm in fact).
In your regex, I just made the inside group non-capturing to be treated like that by Django.js serialization.
It will still match the same URLs but it's serializable now.

I don't know if my explanation is understandable, but try it and let me know if it works for your case.

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