Simple Python 3 module for LDAP, using libldap2 and winldap C libraries.
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This is a module for handling LDAP operations in Python. Uses libldap2 on Unix platforms and WinLDAP on Microsoft Windows. LDAP entries are mapped to a special Python case-insensitive dictionary, tracking the changes of the dictionary to modify the entry on the server easily.

Supports only Python 3.4 or newer, and LDAPv3.


  • Uses LDAP libraries (OpenLDAP and WinLDAP) written in C for faster processing.
  • Simple pythonic design.
  • Implements an own dictionary-like object for mapping LDAP entries that makes easier to add and modify them.
  • Works with various asynchronous library (like asyncio, gevent).

Requirements for building

  • python3.4-dev or newer
  • libldap2-dev
  • libsasl2-dev
  • libkrb5-dev or heimdal-dev (optional)


Documentation is available online with a simple tutorial.


Simple search and modify:

import bonsai

client = bonsai.LDAPClient("ldap://localhost")
client.set_credentials("SIMPLE", user="cn=admin,dc=bonsai,dc=test", password="secret")
with client.connect() as conn:
    res ="ou=nerdherd,dc=bonsai,dc=test", 2, "(cn=chuck)")
    res[0]['givenname'] = "Charles"
    res[0]['sn'] = "Carmichael"

Using with asyncio (on Python 3.5 or newer):

import asyncio
import bonsai

async def do():
    client = bonsai.LDAPClient("ldap://localhost")
    client.set_credentials("DIGEST-MD5", user="admin", password="secret")
    async with client.connect(is_async=True) as conn:
        res = await"ou=nerdherd,dc=bonsai,dc=test", 2)
        who = await conn.whoami()

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()


Currently, you can read the changelog here.


Any contributions and advices are welcome. Please report any issues at the GitHub page.