Flask extension to provide query metrics in headers and logs
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Flask QueryInspect Extension

Build Status

Flask-QueryInspect is a Flask extension that provides metrics on SQL queries executed for each request.

It assumes use of and relies upon SQLAlchemy as the underlying ORM.

I've used this method for several Flask projects and was finally inspired to turn it into an extension after seeing https://github.com/dobarkod/django-queryinspect.

Flask-QueryInspect tracks the count of SQL reads and writes, new DB connections, and total request and total query time for each request. It does not yet handle reporting of duplicate queries like Django-QueryInspect.


pip install Flask-QueryInspect


app = Flask(__name__)
qi = QueryInspect(app)


QueryInspect has the following optional config vars that can be set in Flask's app.config:

Variable Default Description
QUERYINSPECT_ENABLED True False to completely disable QueryInspect
QUERYINSPECT_HEADERS True Enable response header injection
QUERYINSPECT_HEADERS_COMBINED True Enable combined single header, else use Django QueryInspect's style
QUERYINSPECT_LOG True Enable logging, in Librato style

Combined Header Format

X-QueryInspect-Combined: reads=1,writes=1,conns=0,q_time=0.2ms,r_time=2.9ms

Log Format

Logging is output using the standard Python logging module (logger name is 'flask_queryinspect') and formatted so it can be easily read by Librato, see: https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/librato#custom-log-based-metrics


INFO measure#qi.r_time=2.9ms, measure#qi.q_time=0.2ms,count#qi.reads=1, count#qi.writes=1, count#qi.conns=0

Example App

Run the example server:

python example_app.py

And in another terminal:

curl -D -

Notice the X-QueryInspect-Combined header.