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#!/usr/bin/env python
from flask import Flask, Response, request, send_from_directory, url_for, json
from flask.helpers import safe_join
import requests
import os
FILES = os.environ.get('FILES', 'files')
HEADERS = ['X-Ubuntu-Release', 'X-Ubuntu-Series',
'X-Ubuntu-Architecture', 'X-Ubuntu-Device-Channel',
'X-Ubuntu-Wire-Format', 'Authorization']
app = Flask(__name__)
def hello():
return 'Hello snap store example!'
def read_meta(name):
fname = safe_join(FILES, name + '.meta')
with open(fname, 'r') as meta:
# replace download URLs
pkg = json.loads(
pkg['download_url'] = url_for('download', name=name + '.snap', _external=True)
pkg['anon_download_url'] = pkg['download_url']
return pkg
except Exception as e:
return None
def details(name):
meta = read_meta(name)
if meta:
data = {'_embedded': {'clickindex:package': [meta]}}
return Response(json.dumps(data), mimetype='application/hal+json')
# passthrough to upstream if we don't have that snap
f = request.args.get('fields')
h = {k: v for (k, v) in request.headers if k in HEADERS}
r = requests.get(USTORE + '/search?q=package_name:"%s"&fields=%s' % (name, f), headers=h)
return Response(json.dumps(r.json()), mimetype='application/hal+json')
def search():
''' note in 2.0.9 snap install uses the search endpoint
for package details as well as for snap find '''
q = request.args.get('q', '')
if 'package_name' in q:
name = q.split(':')[1].replace('"', '')
return details(name)
names = [os.path.splitext(n)[0] for n in os.listdir(FILES)
if n.startswith(q) and n.endswith('.meta')]
if len(names) == 0:
names = [q]
data = {'_embedded': {'clickindex:package': []}}
data['_embedded']['clickindex:package'] = [m for m in [read_meta(n) for n in names] if m]
return Response(json.dumps(data), mimetype='application/hal+json')
def download(name):
return send_from_directory(FILES, name)
if __name__ == '__main__':'', debug=True)