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@@ -194,6 +194,7 @@ of "pass". The = is not required to display a variable either.
The Database
Add the package for SQLAlchemy integration in of our package and rerun buildout.
@@ -209,13 +210,13 @@ Re-run buildout to pull in the new package (assuming you are in flask-noiselist
> ./bin/buildout
- > bin/flask-ctl debug fg
+ > ./bin/flask-ctl debug fg
Now that we have the new egg, we can import and use all the db connections. In
SQLAlchemy, we need to define and initialize the model. Let's make a new file
called and keep all of our access info there::
- > touch flask-noiselist/src/noiselist/
+ > touch src/noiselist/
In this model, we will create the same todo item that we did in the web2py app with
a bit of a different twist. Edit to say::
@@ -242,7 +243,7 @@ a bit of a different twist. Edit to say::
Next we need to initialize the database. Initializing the database will sync the model
we created with the database, making sure that all the columns and tables we need are
-there and ready to use*. In flask-noiselist/src/noiselist/
+there and ready to use*. In src/noiselist/
from model import db
@@ -263,7 +264,7 @@ best to make it all magically work. To resync the db, stop the server and run::
Hang in there, we are almost there. Next let's pull our data from the database.
-From now on flask-noiselist/src/noiselist directory is assumed. In
+From now on, flask-noiselist/src/noiselist directory is assumed. In
from model import TodoItem

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