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A TODO list made with the flask framework for PyClass at Noisebridge
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This is the second installment of our tour of web frameworks. This will be a simple TODO list.

Just like in the last class, you want to run bootstrap and buildout::
> git clone <location to repo here> > cd flask-noiselist > python > ./bin/buildout
To get the server running in foreground mode, do::
> bin/flask-ctl debug fg

Your app will be running at with a simple hello world placeholder.

Take a minute to notice the differences between this app and web2py. There is no admin console and no formatting by default. Flask is really a micro framwork. Notice as well that starting we are in foreground more, and that you don't have to kill a process or terminal to restart. Simply Ctl-C.

More Info

For more info on this buildout itself, please see

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