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The Noisebridge Infrastucture
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Noisebridge Infrastructure

This repo contains configuration and code to deploy Noisebridge infrastrucutre.


Much of the code here is the Noisebridge infrastucture Ansible configuration. Ansible is used to automatically deploy configuration to the various nodes (VMs and hardware in the space).


This repo includes git submodules to vendor external source. You need to update them with this helper command.



Deploying the entire thing should be possible with just one command:

ansible-playbook site.yml

Usually, you will want to limit your deployment to specific host groups:

ansible-playbook site.yml --limit noisebridge-net

You can be even more specific, for example, this deploys only to the noisebridge-net roles tagged website:

ansible-playbook site.yml --limit noisebridge-net -t website

Remote access to .noise

In order to deploy to machines remotely, you will need to configure a bastion bouncer.

In your ~/.ssh/config add the folowing.

Host *.noise
  User         YOU
  ProxyCommand ssh -W %h:%p


See for guidance, specifically the sticky.

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