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0 parents commit 65fd2438e376121509bdafc15f1810748885e5c3 ponybot on #noisebridge committed Feb 8, 2012
2 alias/aliases.yaml
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+--- {}
98 lart/larts-english
@@ -0,0 +1,98 @@
+swaps <who>'s shampoo with nair
+installs windows on <who>'s machine
+forces <who> to use perl for 3 weeks
+registers <who>'s name with 50 known spammers
+resizes <who>'s terminal to 40x24
+takes <who>'s tea
+dispenses <who>'s email address to a few hundred 'bulk mailing services'
+pokes <who> in the eye
+beats <who> senseless with a 50lb Unix manual
+cats /dev/urandom into <who>'s ear
+signs <who> up for AOL
+enrolls <who> in Visual Basic 101
+sporks <who>
+drops a truckload of VAXen on <who>
+judo chops <who>
+resizes <who>'s terminal to 40x24
+formats <who>'s harddrive to fat12
+rm -rf's <who>
+stabs <who>
+steals <who>'s mojo
+strangles <who> with a doohicky mouse cord
+whacks <who> with the cluebat
+sells <who> on E-Bay
+uses <who> as a biological warfare study
+uses the "Customer Appreciation Bat" on <who>
+reads <who> some vogon poetry
+puts <who> in the Total Perspective Vortex
+casts <who> into the fires of Mt. Doom
+gives <who> a melvin
+turns over <who> to Agent Smith to be "bugged"
+takes away <who>'s internet connection
+pushes <who> past the Shoe Event Horizon
+counts "1, 2, 5... er... 3!" and hurls the Holy Handgrenade Of Antioch at <who>
+puts <who> in a nest of camel spiders
+makes <who> read slashdot at -1
+puts "alias vim=emacs" in <who>'s /etc/profile
+uninstalls ld from <who>'s system
+locks <who> in the Chateau d'If
+signs <who> up for getting hit on the head lessons
+makes <who> try to set up a Lexmark printer
+fills <who>'s Visene eyedrop bottle with lime juice
+casts <who> into the fires of Mt. Doom.
+gives <who> a Chicago Steamer
+rips off <who>'s arm, and uses it to beat them to death
+pierces <who>'s nose with a rusty paper hole puncher
+pokes <who> with a rusty nail
+puts sugar between <who>'s bedsheets
+pours sand into <who>'s oatmeal
+mixes epoxy into <who>'s toothpaste
+puts Icy-Hot in <who>'s lip balm
+straps <who> to a chair, and plays a endless low bitrate MP3 loop of "the world's most annoying sound" from "Dumb and Dumber"
+tells Dr. Dre that <who> was talking smack
+forces <who> to use a Commodore 64 for all their word processing
+smacks <who> in the face with a burlap sack full of broken glass
+puts <who> in a room with several heavily armed manic depressives
+makes <who> watch reruns of "Blue's Clues"
+puts lye in <who>'s coffee
+tattoos the Windows symbol on <who>'s ass
+lets Borg have his way with <who>
+signs <who> up for line dancing classes at the local senior center
+wakes <who> out of a sound sleep with some brand new nipple piercings
+gives <who> a 2 guage Prince Albert
+forces <who> to eat all their veggies
+covers <who>'s toilet paper with lemon-pepper
+fills <who>'s ketchup bottle with Dave's Insanity sauce
+forces <who> to stare at an incredibly frustrating and seemingly neverending IRC political debate
+knocks two of <who>'s teeth out with a 2x4
+removes debian from <who>'s system
+uses <who>'s debian cds for skeet shooting practice
+gives <who>'s phone number to Borg
+posts <who>'s IP and root password on alt.2600
+forces <who> to use words like "irregardless" and "administrate" (thereby sounding like a real dumbass)"
+tickles <who> until they wet their pants and pass out
+replaces <who>'s KY with elmer's clear wood glue
+replaces <who>'s TUMS with alka-seltzer tablets
+squeezes habanero pepper juice into <who>'s tub of vaseline for <who>
+submits <who>'s photo to the people at SA for photoshopping
+Forces <who> to learn the Win32 API
+gives <who> an atomic wedgie
+ties <who> to a chair and forces them to listen to 'N Sync at full blast
+forces <who> to use emacs for text editing
+frowns at <who> really really hard
+jabs a hot car lighter into <who>'s eye sockets
+forces <who> to browse the web with IE
+takes <who> out at the knees with a broken pool cue
+forces <who> to listen to only emo music
+signs <who> up for the Iowa State Ferret Legging Championship
+attempts to hotswap <who>'s RAM
+donkey punches <who>
+puts track spikes into <who>'s side
+replaces <who>'s Astroglide with JB Weld
+replaces <who>'s hypertension pills with rat poison pellets
+replaces <who>s jock itch cream with Nair
+does the Australian Death Grip on <who>
+dances upon the grave of <who>'s ancestors.
+farts in <who>'s general direction
+flogs <who> with stinging neddle
+hands <who> a poison ivy joint
25 lart/larts-italian
@@ -0,0 +1,25 @@
+scambia lo shampoo di <who> con crema depilatoria
+installa Windows 3.1 sul computer di <who>
+costringe <who> a programmare in Perl per 3 settimane
+manda l'indirizzo email di <who> a 50 noti spammer
+restringe il terminale di <who> a 40x24
+ruba il the di <who>
+picchia <who> a sangue sulle gengive con una mazza ferrata arrugginita
+vende <who> su eBay
+ficca un peperoncino su per il culo di <who>
+fa <who> a fettine
+punzecchia la bambola voodoo di <who>
+riformatta il disco fisso di <who>
+brucia la collezione di fumetti di <who>
+brucia la biblioteca di <who>
+brucia la macchina di <who>
+mette zucchero nel serbatoio della moto di <who>
+legge a <who> un po' di poesia Vogon
+svuota il frigorifero di <who>
+picchia <who> in faccia con la 'Ricerca' di Proust
+usa <who> come cavia in esperimenti di guerra batteriologica
+pubblica su internet la foto di <who> sedut@ al cesso
+scrive il numero di telefono di <who> su tutti i cessi pubblici
+scollega la connessione ad internet di <who>
+strappa le braccia di <who> e le usa per picchiarl@ a morte
+nasconde un nido di vipere nel cuscino di <who>
10 lart/larts-japanese
@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
5 lart/praises-english
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
+hugs <who>
+gives <who> some love
+gives <who> a cookie
+slaps <who> heartily on the back
+tickles <who>
4 lart/praises-italian
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+abbraccia <who>
+adora <who>
+invita <who> ad una cena luculliana
+da' un'amichevole pacca sulle spalle a <who>
3 lart/praises-japanese
@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
0 plugins/.empty_dir
No changes.
11 quiz/win_messages
@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
+BINGO!! <who> got it right. The answer was: <answer>
+OMG!! PONIES!! <who> is the cutest. The answer was: <answer>
+HUZZAAAH! <who> did it again. The answer was: <answer>
+YEEEHA! Cowboy <who> scored again. The answer was: <answer>
+STRIKE! <who> pwned you all. The answer was: <answer>
+YAY :)) <who> is totally invited to my next sleepover. The answer was: <answer>
+And the crowd GOES WILD for <who>. The answer was: <answer>
+GOOOAAALLLL! That was one fine strike by <who>. The answer was: <answer>
+HOO-RAY, <who> deserves a medal! Only <who> could have known the answer: <answer>
+OKAY, <who> is officially a spermatologist! Answer was: <answer>
+WOOO, I bet that <who> knows where the word 'trivia' comes from too! Answer was: <answer>
0 quotes/.empty_dir
No changes.
BIN registry/azgameplugin.db
Binary file not shown.
BIN registry/bansplugin.db
Binary file not shown.
BIN registry/keywords/keywords.db
Binary file not shown.
BIN registry/markovplugin/v2.db
Binary file not shown.
BIN registry/markovplugin/v2r.db
Binary file not shown.
BIN registry/pollplugin.db
Binary file not shown.
BIN registry/reactionplugin.db
Binary file not shown.
BIN registry/rssfeedsplugin.db
Binary file not shown.
BIN registry/scriptplugin.db
Binary file not shown.
BIN registry/seenplugin.db
Binary file not shown.
0 safe_save/.empty_dir
No changes.
40 salut/salut-english
@@ -0,0 +1,40 @@
+- hello
+- howdy
+- hola
+- salut
+- sup
+- re
+- hey
+- hi
+- yo
+- good morning
+- goodmorning
+- morning
+- "'morning"
+- good afternoon
+- goodafternoon
+- afternoon
+- "'afternoon"
+- bye
+- cya
+- see you
+- see ya
+- g'bye
+- goodbye
+- later
+- good evening
+- goodevening
+- evening
+- "'evening"
+- all
+- people
+- everybody
+- y'all
+- bots
29 salut/salut-french
@@ -0,0 +1,29 @@
+- "'lo"
+- "'lu"
+- plop
+- "'jour"
+- bonjour
+- "'jour"
+- bonne journée
+- bonne journee
+- "'journée"
+- "'journee"
+- bye
+- cya
+- see you
+- a plus tard
+- a plus
+- "'nuit"
+- nenuit
+- "'soir"
+- bonsoir
+- "'nuit"
+- tous
+- all
51 salut/salut-italian
@@ -0,0 +1,51 @@
+- salve
+- ehila'
+- ehilà
+- ola'
+- olà
+- yo
+- ue'
+- uè
+- "'giorno"
+- giorno
+- buon giorno
+- buon di'
+- buon dì
+- buondì
+- buongiorno
+- "'sera"
+- buona sera
+- buonasera
+- "'sera"
+- buona sera
+- buonasera
+- a dopo
+- ci vediamo
+- adios
+- se vedemio
+- arrivederci
+- saluti
+- buona giornata
+- buona serata
+- buona notte
+- buonanotte
+- ciao
+- gente
+- tutti
+- raga
+- raga'
+- ragà
+- ragazzi
+- ragazze
+- bot
+- bots
31 salut/salut-japanese
@@ -0,0 +1,31 @@
+- ハロー
+- こんにちは
+- こんにちわ
+- やあ
+- おはよう
+- おはようございます
+- こんにちは
+- こんにちは
+- こんにちわ
+- じゃあな
+- またね
+- さようなら
+- バイバイ
+- 失礼します
+- しつれい
+- こんばんは
+- こんばんわ
+- 今晩は
+- みんな
+- 諸君
+- みなさん
+- 皆さん
+- 皆
+- 皆様

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