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This is the repository for the Noisebridge Python class project.

Converting an existing installation to South

1. Sync the database to add the South table

bin/django syncdb

2. Fake apply the intial migration

bin/django migrate profiles 0001 --fake

This was the state of the database upon moving to South. It will pretend to apply the migration and set this as the first migration point. Everything after this should work normally through the standard process of applying migrations.

Using South to migrate

Full documentation is available at

  1. Make some changes to the model in the app appname
  2. Create a migration

If you're changing an existing model use

bin/django schemamigration appname --auto

however, if you're creating an entirely new model you'll want

bin/django schemamigration appname --initial

3. Migrate your changes

bin/django migrate appname

Multiple migrations will be made sequentially with this command if necessary.

Keep in mind that each app needs to have migrations created and applied individually. For example, if git pulls migrations for two apps you'll need to run

bin/django migrate app1
bin/django migrate app2

Installation using buildout

To install run the following commands

1. Clone Repo from github

git clone
cd pyclass-project

2. Run the bootstrap to setup the environment.


3. sync the django database

bin/django syncdb

4. Apply the intial migrations

bin/django migrate profiles

5. Start the app

bin/django runserver

6. Copy the http:// address into your web browser :: i.e. Development server is running at