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Web2py Class

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NOTE: Unlike the intro to python classes, this section of the course will not have time to pay special attention to windows users. This part focuses on web development in python, which is NOT windows friendly. Of course you may join and I will help as much as possible but in general if you are serious about web development you should borrow a friends computer or pair up with someone else in the class on a nix-like system, which includes Mac OS X. Sorry!


  • Become familiar with web2y
  • Learn and/or solidify working with git
  • Basic skills/methodology for evaluating python frameworks
  • Basic introduction to debugging


  • Install python 2.6 or 2.7. We will NOT be working from python 3. If you are on mac os X, it will help you to install a python that is NOT the built in python. See for instructions. You may also want to install XCode, which can usually be done through the app store as "Apple Developer Tools". Neither of these are required for the first class but you will get there at some point.
  • Find your terminal. That's it. Just know where it is :)
  • Install Git

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