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box-linux-sync - A naïve Linux Client

An unofficial attempt to create a Linux synchronization client because does not provide one.


If your Box sync stopped working please open your /etc/fstab file and update the WebDav URL from to blog post:

On November 15, 2013, we will be transitioning from the current WebDav ( to a new version ( that provides added stability and performance improvements. Please change the URL in any internal apps before November 15 to ensure your users can continue accessing content via WebDav.


File synchronization is currently done using the WebDAV interface provided by There is also a Python API available but I haven't started to mess with it.


  • Python 2.7 and up (may work on earlier versions, haven't tested).
  • Davfs2. To install it use:
    • Debian, Ubuntu: apt-get install davfs2
    • Red Hat, SuSE, Fedora: yum install davfs2
    • Gentoo: emerge davfs2
    • ArchLinux: pacman -S davfs2


$ cd ~/path/of/your/choice
$ git clone git://

Installation via Pip is not currently available. Let's wait for a proper release, OK?.


Check environment and setup box-sync and it's dependencies:
$ cd ~/path/to/box-linux-sync/bin
$ ./box-sync check && ./box-sync setup
Edit ~/.noiselabs/box/box-sync.cfg to fit your preferences:
$ vim ~/.noiselabs/box/box-sync.cfg

; box-sync.cfg

; Path to your Box sync dir. Use a relative path to place this dir
; inside $HOME or an absolute path. Default: Box
box_dir = Box

; Wether to use a WebDAV filesystem to synchronize your local and
; remote files. Default: true
use_davfs = true
Start synchronization via Davfs:
$ ./box-sync start
Stop synchronization:
$ ./box-sync stop
Send box-sync into oblivion when you get tired of it.

This just removes box-sync configuration files and the repository, not your personal files (unless you have configured the box_sync dir to be inside ~/.noiselabs).

$ ./box-sync uninstall
$ rm ~/path/to/box-linux-sync


This application is licensed under the LGPLv3 License. See the LICENSE file for details.


Vítor Brandão - ~ ~

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.

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