A clojure ring request recorder and replayer.
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Phil: I have been stabbed, shot, poisoned, frozen, hung, electrocuted, and burned.

Rita: Oh, really?

Phil: ...and every morning I wake up without a scratch on me, not a dent in the fender... I am an immortal.


A clojure ring request recorder and replayer.

How To Groundhog

In your project.clj:

:dependencies [...
               [noisesmith/groundhog "0.0.3"]]

In your ring handler:

(ns app.ns
  (:require ...
            [noisesmith.groundhog :as groundhog]))

(def handler
  (-> default/handler

By putting the groundhog handler last, you let it see the request before any other middleware.

The middleware takes an optional opts map:

{:sanitize sanitize-fn
 :store store-fn
 :replay replay-fn}

Each of these has a default implementation, but if you want to store anywhere other than a single global atom, or remove any sensitive data from the request body, you will likely want to provide custom implementations of each function.

store and replay should take and return a serialized request map, respectively. The map will be vanilla clojure edn, (unless some other handler has put something else in the request before groundhog sees it).

(fn store [rq] (spit (make-name rq) (pr-str rq)))

(fn replay [rq] (when (is-replay-request rq)
                   (slurp (make-find-name rq))))

Sanitize should take a and return a request map, and probably wants to check and / or manipulate the :body-bytes key which holds the copied bytes from the request body stream.

(fn sanitize [rq]
     (->> rq
          (walk/postwalk (fn [e]
                           (if (map? e)
                             (dissoc e "password")
         (assoc rq :body-bytes %))
     (catch Exception e ;; not a json body?

Since your body is likely text, the make-transform-as-string function is provided to use a sanitizer that takes and returns a String. Byte-array is the default because the body may not be 8 bit clean (depending on your client, and what they decide to try to send you).


Licensed under EPL