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(ns noisesmith.groundhog
(:require [ :as io]
[ :as b64])
(:import ( ByteArrayInputStream
(java.util Date)))
(defonce requests (atom []))
(defn serialize
"Make a version of the debug-request that can be transperently printed and
(-> debug-request
(#(assoc % :body64 (String.
(:body-bytes %)))))
(dissoc :body-bytes :body)))
(defn default-sanitize
"The non-sanitizing sanitize"
(defn make-transform-as-string
"A helper function for making sanitizers. Not guaranteed to be useful if the
request body is not 8 bit clean, or if you need to sanitize something other
than the request body."
(fn transform-as-string [request]
(-> request
(#(String. ^bytes %))
(#(.getBytes ^String %))
(#(assoc request :body-bytes %)))))
(defn default-store
"Default implementation to store all requests for later replay"
(swap! requests conj (assoc serialized-request :time (Date.))))
(defn default-replay
"Default implementation to steal requests and replace them with stored ones."
(let [{:keys [uri remote-addr]} request
route-re #"/replay/([0-9]+)"
[_ match-num-str] (re-matches route-re uri)]
(when (and (= remote-addr "")
(nth @requests (read-string match-num-str)))))
(defn deserialize
"Recreates a request, complete with :body stream to read from, out of a
serialized request"
(let [encoded (:body64 serialized-request)
bytes (.getBytes ^String encoded)
decoded (if (= encoded "")
(byte-array [])
(b64/decode bytes))
stream (ByteArrayInputStream. decoded)]
(assoc serialized-request :body stream)))
(defn tee-stream
"Given a stream we can read from, returns the eagerly read bytes of the stream,
plus a new stream that will provide those same contents."
(let [buffer (ByteArrayOutputStream.)
_ (io/copy stream buffer)
bytes (.toByteArray buffer)]
{:stream (ByteArrayInputStream. bytes)
:contents bytes}))
(defn duplicate
"Duplicates the request and stores a serialized version."
[request sanitize store]
(let [{body :stream
contents :contents} (tee-stream (:body request))
clean-request (-> request
(assoc :body-bytes contents)
duplicated-request (assoc request :body body)]
;; storing in a thread so that a disk or network op does not slow down
;; request response
(future (store clean-request))
(defn groundhog
"A ring middleware to record and then retrieve and optionally replay requests.
will get a byte-array and should return one, and has the opportunity
to remove any data that may be considered sensitive before storage. We
use byte array because the input may not be a string (though it usually
will be).
defaults to identity
will get the serialized form of the request as an argument
defaults to adding a timestamp and conjing on a global atom in this
a predicate on the request, if it returns a serialized request, that
request will be replayed
defaults to looking for /replay/<count> and retrieving from the
request atom in this namespace"
[handler & [{:keys [sanitize store replay]
:or {sanitize default-sanitize
store default-store
replay default-replay}
:as opts}]]
(fn groundhog-handler [request]
(if-let [stored (replay request)]
;; if replay returns truthy, we do not store the request, and we replay
;; the data that it hands back to us
(handler (deserialize stored))
;; if replay returns falsey, we store the sanitized request for later,
;; and then pass the non-sanitized on to the handler as normal
(handler (duplicate request sanitize store)))))