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How to contribute

The Speeduino project is always looking for new contributors so thanks for your interest in this!

If you haven't already, jump onto our Slack team as that is where most of the development discussion takes place:

Here are some important resources:


All contributions should be in a working, compilable state. If your change does not compile cleanly it will be rejected immediately.

Submitting changes

Please send a GitHub Pull Request to Speeduino with a clear list of what you've done (read more about pull requests).

Please try to make each pull request atomic, that is, there should be a single defined intent or feature for the pull request. If you are adding multiple features or fixing different bugs, please split these up and submit multiple pull requests.

Always write a clear log message for your commits. One-line messages are fine for small changes, but bigger changes should look like this:

$ git commit -m "A brief summary of the commit
> A paragraph describing what changed and its impact."

Contributor Licensing

Note that all contributions to the project are made under the Github Contributor Lincensing Agreement: This ensures that all contributions made to the project are licensed in the same way as the existing work. Such an agreement is not intended to deprive contributors of their copyright, but to protect the project from claims by malicious contributors.

Coding conventions

The coding style guide can be found on the project wiki: