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@noisymime noisymime released this Feb 16, 2020

On top of the recently release new wiki and new websites, here's the first new firmware for 2020! Like the websites, there's been a LOT happening in the background on the firmware front, including the introduction of a proper, hardware based CI/CD unit testing framework. Without getting too technical, this now means the every code commit is now automatically run through a growing number of tests, on a physical board, and the results reported immediately, allowing for much faster identification of new issues.

Primarily this is intended as a maintenance release with a huge list of bug fixes and minor tweaks here and there, but there some nice new features including the WUE analyse live ('auto tuning'), new info dialogs and a much more solid tooth/composite logger.

One thing to note is that this firmware requires the newly released TunerStudio v3.1. This contains a heap of things that are specific to Speeduino, including proper serial connection testing, automatic downloading of ini files and the delimitation of the squirts/cylinders that had frustrated a lot of users.

As usual, here's the full list of changes this month:

  • Add options to enable the WUE 'auto' tuning in TunerStudio
  • Allow total correction adjustment up to 511% (Was 255% previously)
  • Add board definitions for Pazi's BMW PNPs
  • Multiple fixes to improve the tooth and composite loggers (In particular fix an issue where the logger would not activate if it the logger was started before the engine was cranking/started)
  • Add new dialogs in TunerStudio for:
    • Showing a summary of all IO configurations
    • Customising the warning and high warning limits for different gauges
  • Fix a rare issue where the dual wheel decoder could fail to sync during cranking and then set an invalid filter time, which prevented it syncing again until after a restart
  • Fix an issue where the 36-2-2-2 decoder would not transition from cranking to running correctly/smoothly
  • Fix an issue with timing on 3 cylinder engines
  • Fix for a potential spike in MAP values when cranking and using cycle and event average sampling
  • Fix an issue where some ignition pulses could be skipped at high RPM and high dwell times (When time between a pulse ending and the next dwell starting was <1ms)
  • Remove the limitations in TunerStudio around different squirt and cylinder combinations (Requires TunerStudio 3.1+)

A BIG thanks to those who have submitted contributions and pull requests for this release, I think there's been more contributors to this release than any other! In particular big thanks go out to @brunob45, @iLeeeZi, @VitorBoss and @Autohome2

As usual, the new firmware can be installed through SpeedyLoader or compiled from source directly from Github.

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