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July 2022 Release

@noisymime noisymime released this
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First release in a few months and one of the largest in the last few years. There's a couple of reasons for this (one being that it's got a whole bunch of great new stuff in it!) but also because it's going to be a slightly different style of release to what has taken place previously.

Long Term Support

Based on feedback from a number of users and installers, this release will represent the first Long Term Support (LTS) firmware with support for 12 months. What this means is that whilst there will continue to be additional firmware released every few months that contain new features, any fixes that are implemented in those will also be backported. There will then be future incremental versions Eg: 202207.1, 202207.2 made available that include these fixes, but without any new features or other changes.

The upshot is that anyone who prefers to remain on a consistent firmware version, without worrying about tuning new features or having new bugs introduced, will therefore be able to load these incremental versions without this being a concern. The frequency and number of these bug fix only releases will of course depend on what is found throughout this 12 month period, but gives people more certainty around their updates, particularly if there isn't a specific new feature that is needed.

Feature Changes

The below list is only covering the major new feature additions. There are many smaller ones also included in this release, but for the sake of keeping to a reasonable list only the main ones are shown:

  • Sequential setups will now attempt to start in semi-seq mode until a cam signal is seen (Decoder dependent)
  • Unused fuel and ignition outputs can now be used as generic outputs
  • O2 read frequency increased to 30Hz
  • SD Logging can now be activated/deactivated with an external switch
  • AFR engine protection mode added
  • Coolant based RPM limiter added
  • Multiple improvements to closed loop boost control
  • Tacho output can now use dwell based timing for gauges that do not work well with a fixed pulse duration
  • Injector pairing for 4 cylinder semi-sequential setups can now be changed to match firing order without rewiring

Bug fixes

  • Fix an issue that could cause incorrect engagement of Accel Enrichment.
  • Improved EEPROM burning on new serial comms (TS indicator also added to show when burn is in progress)
  • Closed loop AFR would stop making corrections after a period of time
  • ASE and cranking enrichment will no longer run at the same time for 2-3 revolutions after cranking ends
  • Fix issue with tooth/composite logs not always displaying on new serial
  • Fix dwell limiter not working on RX8 sequential ignition
  • RTC setting on Teensy 3.5 (Dropbear) will now save permanently rather than resetting
  • Fix RPM trigger for SD logging not working correctly
  • Correctly show all SD logs in TS browser when there are more than 32 log files on card
  • VSS reading would not reset to 0 when coming to a stop

There are many, many other small fixes and changes in addition to the above, but these represent the most visible and impacting ones from this release.

Given the LTS nature of this, as well as the significant number of improvements, it is strongly recommended to consider updating to this release. It is available now from SpeedyLoader or can be compiled manually.