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Releases: noisymime/speeduino

February 2024 Release

24 Feb 10:53
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First release for the year and the focus for this one has been around stability and maturity. There were some regressions that popped up in the 202310 release around communications (Both CAN and secondary serial) and these lead to some much needed updating of those areas of the code. The hope is that this will become the next LTS supported version, however this will depend on whether any major issues are found with it.

Even with reliability being the focus, there are of course a whole bunch of new features as well covering the hardware testing, new decoders, new hardware support etc.

With nearly every release I mention that it comes with a few performance and memory related improvements, but this month is notable for the size of these. As the code base matures, finding further optimisations becomes more and more difficult and it's been years since there was any low hanging fruit in this area, but despite that this release sees up to a 30% increase in mainloop speed on Mega2560 devices, which is absolutely huge. The exact improvement depends on configuration and state, but this has been the result of some very targeted work around the caching and maths functions that provides benefits across all platforms, but in particular to the AVR based systems. Huge thanks must go to @adbancroft for his relentless work in this area!

Full details of features included in this release are below:

Release Highlights and New Features 🥇

  • The secondary serial interface has been rewritten to support different protocols for different applications. This should mean it is much easier to add support for 3rd party serial interfaces in the future and fixes a number of the 3rd party apps that broke in 202310
    • As part of this, all previously supported interfaces/apps should be working again
  • Hardware outputs can now be pulsed with a configurable duration at 30Hz. Eg You can set a 3ms ignition output pulse to test with coils etc. This has replaced the fixed 50%DC @ 1Hz option
  • The rusEFI CAN O2 controller is now supported
  • There is now a taper time when entering DFCO
  • MAP limits have been added to O2 correction to prevent it engaging at idle or high boost
  • Automated builds for stm32f407 for inclusion in upcoming SpeedyLoader release
  • WMI PWM timer was moved to a different timer to allow VVT and WMI to be used simultaneously
  • Added BlitzBox pin mapping

Decoder changes ⚙️

  • Add support for the Toyota 3/2 secondary and tertiary cam inputs (Eg 1UZ engines)
  • Add Suzuki K6A decoder
  • Daihatsu +1 decoder now supports sequential

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Fix an issue where CAN data inputs were not working in the 202310 release
  • When Auto staging mode was used, the injector open time was not added when only the primary injectors were in use
  • Correct idle PWM frequency calculation on Teensy 4.1 boards
  • Fix issue where injector pulses would be erratic if 3 or 5 squirts per cycle was selected (Only affects 3 or 5 cylinder engines)
  • Fix log files not being compatible with msDroid
  • Prevent there being no injector pulses if the user configures an invalid squirt angle for their setup (Eg a squirt angle that requires sequential timing but without a cam signal)
  • Ignore the user setting for tooth count if the 36-2-2-2 decoder is used
  • Do not add corrections calculations to secondary spark values if the Add or Multiply options are selected

October 2023 Release

06 Oct 02:44
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Release Highlights 🥇

  • New implementation of the progressive cut rev limiter (aka rolling cut). This applies a random cut algorithm based on how close the current RPM is to the hard cut limit and is tuneable with a 2D curve to adjust the aggressiveness of this limiting.
  • Initial work re-writing the secondary serial interface (Serial3). This is now working for a number of 3rd party apps (msDroid and Real Dash amongst others) that were not functioning in recent prior releases.

Decoder changes ⚙️

  • Fix an issue on the missing tooth decoder when used in a 2-stroke sequential configuration
  • Slightly improve low rpm accuracy of the missing tooth decoder when used with <=12 teeth

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Fix an issue where O2 calibrations were not being written to EEPROM
  • Fix a regression in the new staging fuel control where inactive fuel channels would be active and mirroring the primary injectors
  • Correct closed loop PID frequency for VVT2
  • The SD Format button in the main SD card interface will now work
  • Prevent lockup if the 36-2-1 pattern is selected
  • Many, many other small fixes

May 2023 Release

26 May 13:29
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Has been a little while since the last new major Speeduino release, but coming hot on the heels of the recent 202207 FP2 fixes firmware, comes the first new features for 2023.

This is a fairly large update and brings a large number of under-the-hood changes alongside new features themselves. Whilst this version is recommended for all users, if you are happy with your current setup and only looking for bug fixes, the 202207.2 release may be preferable.

Release Highlights 🥇

  • Air Conditioning control added
  • Tacho sweep on startup added
  • Significant improvements to the serial comms robustness including the addition of a Compatibility mode for problematic hardware setups (Including CH340 based boards). See further note below
  • Add an option to set minimum TPS delta for triggering AE. This can significantly improve throttle response by using values lower than the previous default of 2%
  • SD logging will now use well formatted, floating point values if supported by hardware
  • SD logging now works on Teensy 4.1
  • Added options for tuning by lambda as well as AFR in TunerStudio
  • Staged injection now works on up to 8 channels on supported hardware. Allows for full sequential staging on up to 4 cylinders and added semi-seq staging for 6 and 8 cylinders
  • Improved dwell limiting to maximise available dwell time at high RPM on single channel outputs
  • The RPM2 input can now be used for VSS readings if not in use by the trigger pattern
  • Tooth and composite logs now work better at very low RPM (Typically during cranking)
  • Idle stepper motor can now be powered continually rather than only when stepping (for valves that close when unpowered)

Decoder changes ⚙️

  • Addition of Renix 44 and 66 pattern
  • Addition of MEMS 4 cylinder pattern
  • Improvements to the Jeep 2000 decoder
  • Improvements to the Miata 99-05 pattern when using the per tooth ignition mode

Bug fixes 🐛

  • All fixes that were included in 202207 FP2
  • Fix an issue that could cause a single long fuel pulse when switching from half-sync to full
  • Fixes for various edge cases that could cause lockups on Teensy 3.5 and 4.1 boards if pins were not set correctly
  • A significant number of additional minor fixes

Note: The legacy serial mode is no longer an option within TunerStudio. It can still be used by other systems as an easy method for interacting with Speeduino, but TunerStudio itself will now always use the new protocol.

As always, this firmware can be installed through SpeedyLoader or manually compiled by downloading the source from Github

July 2022 FP2

23 May 06:58
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This is the 2nd Fix Pack release of the 202207 firmware version. Similarly to FP1, this contains no new features but resolves a number of issues that have been found and continues with the commitment to long term support of the 202207 release.

The specific issues resolved in this release are:

  • Prevent a potential lockup on Teensy based units if a certain invalid pin combinations were used
  • Fix the closed loop fuel correction loop from stalling if DFCO is active at the time of timing rollover
  • Fix an issue that could cause timing inaccuracy if new ignition mode is turned on and the trigger angle setting is negative
  • Staged injection table did not work with TPS as a load source
  • Dual wheel decoder running at cam speed would fail with some trigger angles
  • Inverted spark polarity did not work on Dropbear ECUs
  • Locked ignition advance did not get used if the secondary spark table was active
  • Ignition signal could be incorrect if the combination of V8, New Ignition Mode, Basic Distributor and Single Channel spark output was used

As there are no new features or other major changes included in this release, it is strongly recommended for all users of the 202207 firmware. This release can be loaded through SpeedyLoader with no need to change your ini file in TunerStudio.

July 2022 FP1

18 Sep 00:02
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This is the first Fix Pack release under the new LTS arrangement for firmware. As mentioned in the 202207 notes, there will be fixes provided for a minimum of 12 months against that release in order to provide stability for people who do not need or want new features that are included in the main releases.

In line with this, the 202207.1 release contains no new features, only the specific bug fixes mentioned below and is therefore recommended for all users currently on 202207. As there are no new features being introduced, there is no impact on your tune or calibrations etc, it can simply be loaded onto your ECU and you're good to go.


  • Fix an issue with closed loop boost control where it would be active below atmospheric pressure under some conditions
  • Prevent the closed loop O2 control loop running when DFCO is active
  • Multiple fixes to the open+closed loop (Hybrid) idle control
  • Prevent SD logging running if the overall setting was off, even if other conditions are met
  • Fix a timing issue on the Jeep 2000 decoder
  • Prevent comms issues on some Mega 2560 boards when multiple pages are written at once (Eg when loading a new tune)

July 2022 Release

10 Jul 14:41
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First release in a few months and one of the largest in the last few years. There's a couple of reasons for this (one being that it's got a whole bunch of great new stuff in it!) but also because it's going to be a slightly different style of release to what has taken place previously.

Long Term Support

Based on feedback from a number of users and installers, this release will represent the first Long Term Support (LTS) firmware with support for 12 months. What this means is that whilst there will continue to be additional firmware released every few months that contain new features, any fixes that are implemented in those will also be backported. There will then be future incremental versions Eg: 202207.1, 202207.2 made available that include these fixes, but without any new features or other changes.

The upshot is that anyone who prefers to remain on a consistent firmware version, without worrying about tuning new features or having new bugs introduced, will therefore be able to load these incremental versions without this being a concern. The frequency and number of these bug fix only releases will of course depend on what is found throughout this 12 month period, but gives people more certainty around their updates, particularly if there isn't a specific new feature that is needed.

Feature Changes

The below list is only covering the major new feature additions. There are many smaller ones also included in this release, but for the sake of keeping to a reasonable list only the main ones are shown:

  • Sequential setups will now attempt to start in semi-seq mode until a cam signal is seen (Decoder dependent)
  • Unused fuel and ignition outputs can now be used as generic outputs
  • O2 read frequency increased to 30Hz
  • SD Logging can now be activated/deactivated with an external switch
  • AFR engine protection mode added
  • Coolant based RPM limiter added
  • Multiple improvements to closed loop boost control
  • Tacho output can now use dwell based timing for gauges that do not work well with a fixed pulse duration
  • Injector pairing for 4 cylinder semi-sequential setups can now be changed to match firing order without rewiring

Bug fixes

  • Fix an issue that could cause incorrect engagement of Accel Enrichment.
  • Improved EEPROM burning on new serial comms (TS indicator also added to show when burn is in progress)
  • Closed loop AFR would stop making corrections after a period of time
  • ASE and cranking enrichment will no longer run at the same time for 2-3 revolutions after cranking ends
  • Fix issue with tooth/composite logs not always displaying on new serial
  • Fix dwell limiter not working on RX8 sequential ignition
  • RTC setting on Teensy 3.5 (Dropbear) will now save permanently rather than resetting
  • Fix RPM trigger for SD logging not working correctly
  • Correctly show all SD logs in TS browser when there are more than 32 log files on card
  • VSS reading would not reset to 0 when coming to a stop

There are many, many other small fixes and changes in addition to the above, but these represent the most visible and impacting ones from this release.

Given the LTS nature of this, as well as the significant number of improvements, it is strongly recommended to consider updating to this release. It is available now from SpeedyLoader or can be compiled manually.

February 2022 minor release

11 Jan 11:52
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This is a minor patch release to address a single critical issue that was found in the 202201 release.

  • FIX: A bug in the new comms code prevented O2 calibration from being loaded
  • FIX: Multiple comms issues on stm32 boards

January 2022 release

08 Jan 11:15
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New year, new firmware! This new release has been a few months in the making, slightly longer than the normal dev cycle, but there's a whole heap of work that gone in to making this one of the biggest updates in the last few years.

Probably the biggest feature in this release is the addition of SD card logging on Teensy based units. This is something that will be expanded in the next release to allow things such as using an external switch for logging, but for now the basics are all in place. Alongside this comes support for the real-time clock on these boards for more useful time coding of log files.

In addition to this, there has also been a change to allow for 0.5% resolution for TPS load on 3D tables. This will be of particular use for Alpha-N based setups that are using TPS as their primary load source.

As always, the full list of changes has a lot on it, so here it is in full:

  • SD logging and RTC on Teensy based units (Eg Dropbear)
    • This is an initial implementation that will be built upon for the next release. Please consider it an experimental feature for this release
  • Significant improvements to serial comms
  • Increase 3D table load resolution to 0.5% when using TPS as the load source
  • Allow boost-by-gear to function with open loop boost control
  • Significant performance/memory improvements
  • Hybrid Open/Closed loop idle control for stepper motors
  • Improvements to VSS and gear detection
  • Add option for PWM fan control, dependent on hardware
  • Add a temperature condition for VVT engagement
  • Add decoder for Chrysler NGC
  • Add decoder for DRZ400
  • BUG FIX: Miata VVT closed loop control ignored the the 0% DC angle setting (#636)
  • BUG FIX: Tacho output was not working on Dropbear boards
  • BUG FIX: Engine protection could operate even when disabled (#683)
  • BUG FIX: Individual fuel trim tables would use the wrong load source (#672)
  • BUG FIX: Boost and idle PWM signals could be erratic at 100% duty cycle (#730)

As always, the firmware is available for loading through SpeedyLoader or can be compiled directly from the Github source.

August 2021 release

09 Aug 13:20
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Where is 2021 going?! Has been a little longer between releases than I generally like and this time around this has partially been due to hardware work and partially just because of the number of things going into this.

First of all though a HUGE thanks to all the contributors who submitted PRs for this release. Once again the number of people adding code to the firmware continues to grow and the project along with it. A full list of contributors can be found below.

This release features a few things that have been on the most requested list for a while, but also the usual array of bug fixes and small improvements here and there.

New features

  • Boost by gear added
  • Second VVT control added
  • Significant improvements to the VVT closed loop control
  • Add ability to switch between MAP sampling modes based on RPM
  • Add a software filter for the flex input (Eth% and temperature)
  • Add gauges and logging for EMAP
  • Add multiple new values to the CAN broadcasts
  • Add a delay option before idle advance is engaged
  • Multiple enhancements to the programmable outputs


  • Fix the label on the load axis of the 2nd spark table (This would not update when TPS or MAP based load was changed)
  • Fix bug when boost cut was engaged and the event average MAP sampling method used. This now switches to Instantaneous readings until boost cut is disengaged
  • Pause the closed loop fuel calcs during DFCO
  • Fix multiple GUI dialogs not scaling correctly in TS
  • Allow negative advance values on flat shift (pop pop bang bang)
  • Closed loop boost control now engages based on baro pressure rather than a fixed 100kPa
  • Allow the fuel/oil pressure inputs to use all analog pins on Teensy/stm32


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March 2021 release

03 Mar 10:05
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First firmware release for 2021 and this one comes as a primarily maintenance release. There's been a lot of focus on new hardware support (Such as the Dropbear) and this work will continue into the next release also.

Of course it wouldn't be any sort of decent release without a few new goodies and this month sees the introduction of individual fuel trim tables for all 8 channels (on 8 channel boards only obviously), an optional 3D map for dwell time and a number of new decoders, including the MUCH requested Subaru H6 and Ford ST170 triggers.

As always there's also the usual bunch of fixes and small improvements, which this release include a number of nice stability tweaks to the comms code with TunerStudio.

Once again there has been a growing number of contributors to the firmware, which is simply amazing to see. A HUGE thanks to all those who have submitted PRs and bug reports!

The firmware is available through SpeedyLoader now or via source from GitHub.

Full feature change list:

  • Add fuel trim tables for channels 5-8 (On 8 channel boards)
  • Addition of a variable dwell 3D map
  • TRIGGER: Addition of H6 support for the Subaru 36-2-2-2 pattern (non-sequential)
  • TRIGGER: Add option for 'poll level' cam trigger on missing tooth pattern. Allows for faster sequential sync when using hall sensor and 'half moon' on cam (Eg BMW)
  • TRIGGER: Add ST170 trigger decoder
  • Improved serial comms / EEPROM burns when doing large changes (Eg writing a whole tune)
  • Allow multiple fuel stages when using TBI injection
  • Add option to run PWM idle valve before engine is cranked over
  • FIX: Secondary ignition table was not using correct load source
  • FIX: Selecting pin 54 for any function could cause issues and be non-functional
  • FIX: Advance 1/2 gauges were not displaying correct values
  • FIX: Stepper idle min step size would not function correctly when set to 1
  • FIX: Tweak common baro sensor calibration values
  • FIX: MAP limit was not scaled correctly in the n2o control
  • FIX: Values for the load axis of the secondary fuel/ignition tables were limited based on the primary tables load source