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* WIP: working on recognizing the new request dlg
* point manifest to the new outdated report page
* custom predicate function for sync-node
* FIXED: injected AJAX path typo.
* introduce :done-init-victims
* Able to deal with invalid page submission
* WIP: removing next victim
* A better xpath for cancel and ok button in alertdialog
* handles fetching the next victim after a successful removal
* WIP: submitting image removals
* handles google image index
* clean up error badge
* reload after alert done
* clean up
* Added csv documentation link
* Handle pages that still exist.
* update README
* added examples

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Google Webmaster Tools Bulk Outdated Content Removal Chrome Extension

- Upon visiting the Google Webmaster Tools page and submitting the csv file via
- the red trash can, it's possible that nothing happens. If that's the case for you,
- please refresh the page and resubmit your csv file.

Install from Google Webstore


  1. Install Java
  2. Install leiningen.
  3. Either git clone or download the zip file from github and unzip it.
  4. cd into the project root directory.
  • Run in the terminal
lein release && lein package
  1. Go to chrome://extensions/ and turn on Developer mode.
  2. Click on Load unpacked extension . . . and load the extension. You will find the compiled js files in the releases folder.


  1. Create a list of urls to be removed and store them in a file. See below for format.
  2. Go to Google Webmaster Remove Outdated Content page. (
  3. Open up the extension popup by clicking on the red trash can icon.
  4. Click on the "Submit CSV File" button to upload your csv file. It will start running automatically.

Local Storage

The extension uses chrome's local storage to keep track of state for each URL. You can use the Clear cache button to clear your local storage content to start anew.

While the extension is at a paused/stuck state, you can also inspect what URLs are still pending to be removed. Right click anywhere on the page and select Inspect. Then, click on the View local storage button. The current local storage state will be printed out under the Console tab.

CSV Format

  • If the content is no longer live
  • If a word that's no longer on the live page but in the cached version
url, word
  • If the image url's has been removed or updated
image-url, url-of-the-page
  • It also takes google search image urls


Remove outdated content via in bulk!



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