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A chrome extension that allows bulk url removal.
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Google Webmaster Tools Bulk Url Removal Chrome Extension


  1. Download the extension from github and unzip it.
  2. Go to chrome://extensions/ and turn on Developer mode.
  3. Click on Load unpacked extension . . . and load the extension.


  1. Create a list of urls to be removed and store them in a file. All urls are separated by \n. See How to Extract a List of All URLs Indexed by Google for Your Website for an easy way to get all links from a website from Google Search results.
  2. Go to Google's webmaster tools.
  3. Click on Optimization -> Remove URLs.
  4. You should now see a new drop-down with several removal options, along with a "Choose File" button.
  5. Click on the Choose File button.
  6. Select the file you created in step 3.
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