A chrome extension that allows bulk url removal.
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Google Webmaster Tools Bulk Url Removal Chrome Extension

Install from Google Webstore



  1. Download the extension from github and unzip it.
  2. Go to chrome://extensions/ and turn on Developer mode.
  3. Click on Load unpacked extension . . . and load the extension.


  1. Create a list of urls to be removed and store them in a file. All urls are separated by \n. See How to Extract a List of All URLs Indexed by Google for Your Website for an easy way to get all links from a website from Google Search results.
  2. Go to Google's webmaster tools.
  3. Check to ensure that all URLs match the property you are updating, including the scheme (http vs https)
  4. Click on Google Index -> Remove URLs.
  5. You should now see a new drop-down with several removal options, along with a "Choose File" button.
  6. Click on the Choose File button.
  7. Select the file you created in step 3.

Bulk URL fetch

Some folks were asking for bulk fetch as google. Here's the project page: https://github.com/noitcudni/google-webmaster-tools-bulk-fetch-as-google

Bulk Outdated Content Removal

For removing outdated content in bulk. Please visit https://github.com/noitcudni/google-webmaster-tools-bulk-outdated-content-removal