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A simple library to help developers run lua code in-game.

Build Status


LuaDev is now shipped with SocketDev extension. You'll need luasocket installed for this to work. It allows you to execute lua code on various destinations using your text editor. Currently there are some size limitations, but it will be fixed soon™.

  • lua_watch <filename.lua>
    • Run on self the file when its timestamp changes.
  • lua_send_sh <filename.lua>
    • Run on server and all clients.
  • lua_send_clients <filename.lua>
    • Run on a single client
  • lua_send_cl <client> <filename.lua>
    • Run on a single client
  • lua_send_sv <filename.lua>
    • Run on server
  • lua_send_self <filename.lua>
    • lua_openscript_cl through luadev
  • lua_run_client <part of name/steamid/userid> <code>
  • lua_run_clients <code>
  • lua_run_sh <code>
  • lua_run_sv <code>
  • lua_run_self <code>

Extra commands exist (lua_send_ent for direct entity code ending), unfinished.

Lua functions

(Desc is the string to identify errors)

  • luadev.RunOnServer (code,desc,extra)
  • luadev.RunOnShared (code,desc,extra)
  • luadev.Run (code,desc,extra)
  • luadev.RunOnClients (code,desc,extra)
  • luadev.RunOnClient (player,code,desc,extra)

Parameter extra is subject to change. It can essentially hold extra information to transfer with the code.

  • There is no player autocomplete yet
  • Embeds your steamid on errors. Does not prevent changing it though.
  • Only checks if you are superadmin. Be careful who you let to use this. There is a hook for luadev access check for override.
  • No GUI, use Sublime-LuaDev for example
  • luadev_verbose 0-9
    • Console debug printing
  • CapsAdmin
  • Noiwex
  • Lixquid
  • Python1320
  • PotcFdk
  • Morten
  • Garry
  • Meta Construct