Strategic, point-click zombie survival game for GitHub Game Off 2012.
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Zombie Game

Zombie Game is a point 'n' click zombie suruval game. The purpose of the game is to kill all the zombies. Play it here!


You awake one, cold winters day, lying on the floor of the clone machine you built for the military. The usually busy lab is empty and the base deserted. You can hear growns in the distance... zombies!


They can smell you. They'll hunt you down wherever you are. You cannot hide!

They'll start spawning once every 6 seconds (level 1). For every 10 spawns, half a second is taken away until it reaches 1 second (level 10) between spawns.


The cloning maching is still on and it has your DNA on file. Every 30 seconds it'll produce a clone of you (maximum of 5 players at anyone time).


  • Select player (blue) by either clicking it or via the left hand menu.
  • Point and click to where you want it to go.
  • Movement can be queued up by clicking multiple locations.
  • Ammo can be replenished in the armoury, marked by the box.
  • Health can be restored by visiting the hospital, marked by the red cross.
  • You can stop a player with the X by their name.


Your players will automatically fire bullets as zombies when in range, and melee them at close quarters.

Known Issues

Some times the game will freeze. It's related to the route finding but I haven't managed to track it down.




  • More control to player
  • Improved performance
  • Real zombie AI (wanders around until it sees, hears or smells a player)
  • Interative Map
  • Improved UI
  • Improved Graphics