OCaml bindings for the GNU SASL library using Ctypes
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This is a preliminary release of OCaml bindings for the GNU SASL library. They are written using Ctypes.

Installation and Usage

  1. Install libgsasl. If you are using OS X with Homebrew, this is as simple as typing

    brew install gsasl
  2. Install with OPAM.

    opam install gsasl
  3. To see if it is working, you can try it out in the ocaml toplevel:

    # #use "topfind";;
    - : unit = ()
    # #require "gsasl";;
    # let s = Gsasl.base64_to "Hello, World!";;
    val s : string = "SGVsbG8sIFdvcmxkIQ=="
    # Gsasl.base64_from s;;
    - : string = "Hello, World!"
    # let ctx = Gsasl.init ();;
    val ctx : Gsasl.context = <abstr>
    # Gsasl.client_mechlist ctx;;
    - : string list = ["GSSAPI"; "OPENID20"; "SAML20"; "SCRAM-SHA-1"; "CRAM-MD5"; "DIGEST-MD5"; "SECURID"; "PLAIN"; "LOGIN"; "EXTERNAL"; "ANONYMOUS"]
  4. Read the documentation in lib/gsasl.mli.


Comments, bug reports and feature requests are very welcome: n.oje.bar@gmail.com.