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My first game. For some University Coursework
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Stick Olympics Minigame


My first game. For some University Coursework.

This was the first large scale project that I worked on and I have left it up here for mostly nostalgic reasons.

Message To lecturers;

As you may notice this game is not complete and does not necessarily show complete functionality as a game. However it does show that I have been able to demonstrate programming skills and make them work. Please be aware that some items may be slightly out of place graphically when run. I will be the first to admit that I am a terrible artist but a decent (ish) programmer I have labeled things that I wanted to change or ideas that I had too late to put into this submission.

Please Note: -The Swimming Game does not work. I broke it right before the deadline and couldn't find what I did wrong. If you click on it P5 will CRASH SO DO NOT Please!!! -More games may be added as functions very easily, I hope to do this for the 2nd half of my coursework. -The JSON file loaded only changes the name, gender, colour and trophy cabinet. In the second coursework I will also add high scores nd nationality; -The Running animation was done using modulus of the movement speed, however as the speed of the player increases it begins to run 'faster then the frames per second' creating a slow motion effect. I will fix this in the 2nd piece of Coursework

For My University Marker

I have included every thing you are looking for in my code and more. Use this guide below to find where I have used certain Programming concepts in my code


  • There are many variables (lines 4 - 25)
  • The navbar is an object made up of objects (e.g. line 89)
  • The User variable is an object made up of data to control the player and can be loaded from a JSON file.(line 685)

If Statements & Control flow:

  • A variable holds the current state of the game. (lines 4 & line 57)
  • This variable is called as a function in draw calling each gamestate unless the variable holding the gamesates is changed.
  • If statements are used to control clicks of all buttons. It checks the position of the mouse and compares it to button whenever the mouse is clicked. It will return a boolean if mouse is over button (line 762)


  • There are several functions
  • Most of these functions take in parameters (e.g line 414)
  • Many functions return objects (e.g. line 367)


  • There are arrays used to hold paths for assets such as sounds and images (lines 6-11)
  • An array holds the trophies in the trophy cabinet (lines 516 to lines 551)


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