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This Qt Quick application allows users to browse the applications in Nokia Beta Labs. The main purpose of the application is to demonstrate how to communicate with a web server from QML using AJAX. The application also demonstrates how to use Qt Quick Components, and How to use the In App Advertising API.

The application is compatible with Symbian devices with Qt 4.7.4 and Qt Quick Components 1.1.

Qt Quick Components used

Using the application

Launch Beta Labs Client application on your device. A security warning may prompt you to allow the application to access the network. Once you have accepted network access, the list of the latest applications is downloaded from the back-end and displayed in the Latest applications page. To view the details of a single application, tap on its name or thumbnail image.

From the Details page you can download the application in question or view its reviews. If downloading is not possible, the Download button is disabled.

To return to the page one level higher at the PageStack hierarchy, tap on the back button in the toolbar. If you are at the top level of the hierarchy, the back button closes the application.

The Popular page shows the list of the most popular applications in Nokia Beta Labs, and the Search page allows you to search for applications. When you tap on the Search button in the toolbar, the list of available application categories is downloaded from the back-end. Check the categories that you want and tap on 'Search' next to the free text search field. You can also type a search phrase into the free text search field and tap on 'Search'.

Beta applications matching your search criteria are listed. Again, you can view the details of a single application by tapping on its name or thumbnail image.

To exit the application, tap on the back button in the toolbar when you are in the main level of the application (in the latest, popular, or search page).

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