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This repository

This project contains a number of LWUIT demo apps.

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This project consists of four LWUIT demo application by Nokia:

  • LWUIT Birthdays demonstrates how to use the LWUIT Calendar component together with the PIM APIs to create a simple Birthdays application.
  • LWUIT CategoryBar Demo demonstrates how to use a category bar together with the LWUIT framework.
  • LWUIT Gestures Demo is a pseudo photo gallery application for Nokia Asha software platform and Series 40 phones created with LWUIT library. It shows developers how to use different types of gestures in LWUIT applications.
  • LWUIT List Demo shows how to create different types of lists using LWUIT.

All the demo application are compatible with Nokia Asha software platform and Series 40 full touch phones.

This project is hosted in GitHub:

The documentation of the demos is also available in GitHub:


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