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RED - Robot Editor

General information

RED is modern editor based on Eclipse IDE to provide efficient and comfortable work with RobotFramework testware.

Latest release - RED 0.8.7 (2018-08-06)

Note about upgrading RED from 0.8.0 to 0.8.2 and newer

Due to internal changes to support Eclipse Oxygen API, RED Product 0.8.2 cannot be upgraded from 0.8.0 and earlier versions. For RED feature installed on Eclipse Neon,please upgrade your Eclipse platform:

Install from Marketplace/Update Site

Marketplace: Click Help -> Eclipse Marketplace -> and type into Find field "RED" Update Site: Click Help -> Install New Software -> Add and set address in Location to:

RED Help

RED Robot Editor's application help

What RED provides:

  • text editor with validation and code coloring
  • table editors like in Ride fully synced with source
  • debug&remote debug with:
    • breakpoints
    • testcase stepping (step into, step over)
    • runtime variable lookup & modification
    • debugging Robot testcases and Python libs in one RED instance
  • code assistance & completion for variables, keywords, testcases, resources and libraries
  • real time testcase validation
  • execution view
  • support for plugins via Eclipse mechanisms
  • support for Robot formats: .txt, .robot, .tsv (HTML format not supported)

Binaries distribution:

RED is distributed as independent binary (RED as Eclipse product) and Eclipse feature to be installed on existing Eclipse binary.

Binaries can be found under Release folder:

Installation instructions can be found here

Look & feel