Event sourcing for Akka Typed
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Akka Typed Persistence

Event sourcing for Akka Typed

This library implements actor persistence for Akka Typed with event sourcing. It provides:

  • an actor definition API, which
    • is integrated with Akka Typed,
    • statically type safe,
    • and supports actor persistence (with event sourcing and snapshots);
  • and an implementation of this API
    • based on akka-typed and akka-persistence.

A conference talk introducing the library was presented at Scala By the Bay (slides). For the full code of the example in the talk, see this file.


Akka Typed provides a type safe API for defining Akka actors. However, it is a new, experimental module of Akka, and currently has no solution for actor persistence. The goal of this library is exactly that: integrating Akka Typed and Akka Persistence.

Getting started

This library is currently not published, but you can use it by depending on this git repository in sbt:

dependsOn(ProjectRef(uri("https://github.com/nokia/akka-typed-persistence.git#master"), "persistence"))

For how to use the library, see this example.


  • Scala 2.11.8
  • Akka 2.4.14
  • Cats 0.8.1, shapeless 2.3.2 and FS2 0.9.2