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RED - Robot Editor

General information

RED is modern editor based on Eclipse IDE to provide efficient and comfortable work with RobotFramework testware.

Latest release - RED 0.9.5 (2020-07-24)

Install from Marketplace/Update Site

Marketplace: Click Help -> Eclipse Marketplace -> and type into Find field "RED" Update Site: Click Help -> Install New Software -> Add and set address in Location to:

RED Help

RED Robot Editor's application help

What RED provides:

  • text editor with validation and code coloring
  • table editors like in Ride fully synced with source
  • debug&remote debug with:
    • breakpoints
    • testcase stepping (step into, step over)
    • runtime variable lookup & modification
    • debugging Robot testcases and Python libs in one RED instance
  • code assistance & completion for variables, keywords, testcases, resources and libraries
  • real time testcase validation
  • execution view
  • support for plugins via Eclipse mechanisms
  • support for Robot formats: .txt, .robot, .tsv (HTML format not supported)

Binaries distribution:

RED is distributed as independent binary (RED as Eclipse product) and Eclipse feature to be installed on existing Eclipse binary.

Binaries can be found under Release folder:

Installation instructions can be found here

Look & feel


This project is licensed under the Apache-2.0 license - see the LICENSE.

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