IV. HEIF Reader JavaScript Implementation

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HEIF Reader JavaScript Implementation

This is a pre-built JavaScript port of the HEIF Reader library and API using Emscripten and asm.js. It can be used with an HEVC/H.265 decoder JavaScript implementation (such as libde265.js).

Please check examples page to see HEIF files presented by this JavaScript implementation.

Note that the JavaScript player is provided for demonstration purposes and is not a full-featured HEIF player.

JavaScript files can be found from gh-pages branch. Main files of the player are:

  • heif-api.js
    • Provides HEIFReader object which wraps part of HEIF reader C++ API functionality.
  • libde265.js
  • hevc-decoder.js
    • Interface for using libde265.js H.265 decoder.
  • image-provider.js
    • Contains helper functions to use heif-api.js and hevc-decoder.js.
  • heif-extension.js
    • Walks through all the <img> and <video> HTML elements and replaces them by HEIF canvas elements.
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