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USG is a room-based, multi-gamemode gamemode developed for MTA:SA.
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USG - United Social Gamers


USG was a server started in early 2014 by Soap and @FabioGNR. It merged with NGC (now Aurora RPG) and was non-existant by the end of 2014. In June of 2015, Soap recreated it with the help of Dennis, Metall, Carl (Rizk) and myself. It lasted until August of that year when it was promptly shut down. It saw another iteration in early 2016, lead by myself, but did not release. In November of 2016 (at the time of writing this), Aurora RPG adopted the code within this reposity to replace its old CSG-based gamemode. This is now being released so everyone has the opportunity to use this code, and learn from it as they please.


This is being released for everyone to learn from and use. The code was not being used anywhere until this point, and I felt it needed to be let loose onto the world. I am not providing support for this game mode, do not ask for it.


  • Soap (Ralph Rizk)
  • FabioGNR
  • Carl/Rizk (Carl Rizk)
  • r0xer/Metall (Tim Andersson)
  • Alberto/consuela2345
  • Dinamo/FlowerPower
  • StanleySathler (Stanley Sathler)
  • Dennis/UniOn
  • nokizorque (Lewis Watson)
  • DLmass
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