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Simple file uploading and sharing, source for the now shut down site
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nokonoko Merge pull request #40 from maxpowa/patch-1
Prevent imagemin from caching
Latest commit 498d735 Jun 21, 2017


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css Update pomf.css Jun 14, 2015
img Clean up donate banner Dec 14, 2013
js pass full url back to client Jun 24, 2015
moe Update core.php Oct 26, 2015
pages Add max upload size to gruntfile Jun 25, 2015
static Fix duplicate filename check Dec 18, 2015
.gitignore Add gitignore for dist/ and node_modules/ Oct 31, 2013
Gruntfile.js Prevent imagemin from caching Sep 4, 2015
LICENSE Shitty code Oct 29, 2013
package.json Add package.json and Gruntfile.js Oct 31, 2013
schema.sql Minor code refactoring and updates Feb 3, 2015
update.sql Spelling error of the century Jun 18, 2015

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